Four principles for rational fertilizer application of tomato

Tomatoes are very sensitive to fertilizers. When topdressing, they should master the principles of “one control, two promotions, three sprays, and four avoidances”. Before controlling the colonization of tomatoes to the fruit set, the seedlings should be read and fertilizer should be controlled. If the top dressing is too much and too concentrated, it can easily cause the plants to grow in length, and even cause the flowers to fall. Generally slightly applied diluted manure water can be. Second, the young fruit and harvest period should be top-dressed to promote its growth and development. When the size of the first panicle grows to the size of the walnut, the quick-acting fertilizer is applied one or two times in a timely manner. Generally, 30% of the human urine or 5% of the sulfur-containing compound fertilizer leaching liquid is applied to ensure that the plant does not become de-fertilized. After the young fruit enters the inflated period, it should adopt the method of chasing and scolding. Usually, apply 40% of human excreta or 5% of sulfur-containing compound fertilizer leachate every 10 days on sunny days. During the period of three-spraying fruit growing, especially when the continuous continuous cloudy rain can not be used for soil dressing, 2-3 times of foliar fertilizer should be sprayed, and the chelating state multi-element combined trace element fertilizer is generally used to spray 500 times to improve the quality of tomato. Four bogey tomatoes bogey bogey in the soil more humid and noon high temperature conditions, and avoid too concentrated fertilizer. Concentrated fertilization tends to make crops grow and produce fertilizer damage; in the case of soil moisture, fertilization can easily cause physiological diseases such as falling flowers, fallen leaves, and fruit droppings; fertilization under high temperature conditions will cause large amounts of water evaporation in the leaves of plants, which will affect the exertion of fertilizer effects. The fertilization time should avoid the high temperature period, and it is better to use it in the early morning or early evening.


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