Misunderstanding in agricultural vehicle maintenance

First, the higher the better the speed of some agricultural vehicle drivers always suspected that the agricultural vehicle running slow, trying to force to increase the speed, that the higher the speed the better. It should be noted that the country's limit on agricultural vehicle speeds below 50 km/h is determined after comprehensive consideration of the technical level, quality level, conditions of use, road conditions, and safety performance of agricultural vehicles, and manufacturers have also designed them accordingly. Therefore, if you increase the speed of your agricultural vehicle without permission, it will inevitably cause the deterioration of the agricultural vehicle's working condition and increase the failure rate. Especially important is the reduction of safety and even car damage. Second, the higher the diesel grade, the better. The agricultural vehicle uses a high-speed diesel engine. The diesel engine used is light diesel oil. Light diesel oil is divided into five types of No.10, No.0, No.-10, No.-20 and No.35 depending on the condensation point. The selection of light diesel brands is based on the principle that the diesel fuel will not solidify at the minimum temperature. In order to better play the diesel engine performance, the condensation point of diesel must be lower than about 5°C in order to prevent the diesel oil from clouding before the freezing point. Generally can be selected in this way; -20 light diesel fuel for winter use in northern areas; -35 light diesel oil for the northeast and northwestern regions to use in winter. Third, the more the better the oil When the engine oil in the diesel engine bottom shell is insufficient, the oil pump will inhale air, thus affecting the lubrication of the high-speed running bearings and journals, severe burning accidents will occur. Therefore, some peasant riders think that the more oil the better, they do not know that although this will not burn tile, but because of too much oil, making the engine work, the crank connecting rod violently stirs the oil, not only causes the diesel engine power internal loss to increase, the oil consumption If it is too large, it will also cause fuel oil failure, resulting in carbon deposits on the cylinder and increased emissions. Fourth, the lower the machine temperature The better the body temperature is too high, the engine charging efficiency decreases, the combustion system is easy to produce air resistance, mechanical strength, the normal gap is destroyed, and oil deterioration, poor lubrication, loss increases. For this reason, some drivers mistakenly believe that the lower the temperature, the better. They used the method of removing the thermostat to forcefully reduce the temperature. As everyone knows that the low temperature will cause the fuel fluidity and evaporation to deteriorate, the combustion process will slow down, the engine power will drop, the fuel consumption will increase, the diesel engine will work rough, and the lubrication conditions will be worse; the frictional resistance will increase, the wear will increase, and the cylinder liners will increase. Produce chemical and electrochemical corrosion. Fifth, the higher the charging voltage the better When the generator charging voltage is too low, the battery due to insufficient charge, the voltage is easy to drop, giving rise to launch, lighting caused difficulties. Therefore, the driver will adjust the charging voltage too high, so that even though the charging is sufficient, it will cause the electrolyte temperature in the power storage area to be too high, the water will evaporate too quickly, the service life of the battery will be shortened, and the excessive voltage will burn out easily. Agricultural vehicle appliances, causing failures. 6. The thicker the fuse, the better The thickness of the fuse in the vehicle is designed by the engineering personnel when the agricultural vehicle is in production. The purpose is to protect the electrical equipment from being burned out when the voltage is too high and the current is too high. However, some agricultural vehicle drivers are replaced by relatively thick fuses for the convenience of coveting. The fuses are "insured". However, electrical equipment is not safe. Once the voltage and current are too large, they can easily be burned out. Electrical equipment can even cause electrical fires. VII. Faster bolts The better the fasteners used in agricultural vehicles with bolts and nuts, such as cylinder heads, connecting rod bearing caps, and crankshaft bearing caps, should ensure that their bolts and nuts have sufficient preload. If the pre-tightening force is too small, it cannot be guaranteed that the work is reliable. Therefore, some drivers mistakenly believe that the greater the pre-tightening force, the tighter the bolt the better. In fact, if the bolt is tightened too tightly, not only will the coupling be permanently deformed by the external force, but also the permanent deformation of the bolt will occur. The pre-tightening force will drop, and even the sliding buckle or break will cause the connection to fail. 8. The tighter the transmission belt, the better The pumps, generators and hydraulic pumps on the agricultural vehicle are all driven by a V-belt. When the belt is slack, it will produce slip, which will reduce the transmission efficiency and accelerate the wear of the V-belt. The over-tightening of the belt not only shortens the belt life due to over-stretching, but also causes the pulley shaft to bend and the wear of the bearing and the shaft to accelerate.

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