Mountain egg storage deep fresh five methods

Today, people in the city admire the enjoyment of mountain eggs. Because of their delicious taste, bright colors, fresh air, and no pollution, the selling price in the market is twice as high as the price of eggs raised in chicken farms. However, chickens in mountain areas are small in scale and scattered in products. In order to enter the big market, there is a need for a marketing process that collects, stores, and sets up batches, and places where conditions permit can use cold storage, freezers, and refrigerators to preserve freshness, in poor conditions. Places can be kept fresh by the following methods. 1. Take a clean cask or porcelain altar with the method of harboring the grain, wash it and dry it. A layer of dry chaff is evenly laid on the bottom of the container and is about 14 cm thick. A layer of fresh eggs is laid on it, with the big head down and the small head facing up. The egg and egg are slightly separated and the chaff fills the gap. Then, a layer of chaff (about 0.5 cm thick) is covered with a layer of eggs. Repeatedly and repeatedly, a total of 10 to 15 layers can be placed on the top and then cover 1 to 2 cm thick dry chaff caps Serve. Cover the lid, store it indoors in a cool, dry and dark place. Generally, it can be stored for half a year. It can also be replaced by clean firewood, straw, sawdust instead of chaff, and the preservation effect is similar. Loose mat material is soft, can buffer the external mechanical damage. The cushion gap is filled with air with poor thermal conductivity to reduce the influence of outside air temperature, and has good moisture absorption function to keep the egg body dry and inhibit the activity of spoilage bacteria. 2, pine needle bedding method First in the bottom of the container and the four walls of a layer of 1 to 1.5 cm pine needles fresh leaves (remove the branches hard), put a layer of fresh eggs, and then spread a layer of pine needles (thickness 0.3 to 0.6 cm) put a Layer eggs, so alternately repeat 10-15 layers. Finally capped with pine needles, about 1 cm thick. Cover the lid, set inside the room cool, dry, dark place, generally keep fresh for 3 to 4 months. Pine needles are soft to ensure ease of mechanical impact. Pine needles can release biocide to kill the surrounding spoilage bacteria. Fresh eggs preserved by this method are often eaten with pine needles, and may not be accustomed to fresh starters. After eating several times, they may increase appetite. 3, beans, millet harboring method Dry beans, mung beans, soybeans instead of nesting, the method and principle are the same as the above two methods. Bean is a living body. It continuously breathes, consumes oxygen around the eggs, and emits carbon dioxide. It helps inhibit the activity of spoilage bacteria around the eggs. It also inhibits the metabolism of the eggs themselves and prolongs the shelf life. Its preservation effect is better than that of husk and firewood (grass) ash harboring, and generally can be kept fresh for 7 to 8 months. 4, boiling water condensation film fresh eggs into the high temperature of the net pocket, immersed in hot water at 80 ~ 90 °C for half a minute, the time is up, immediately removed to dry, and then into the container, home cool, dry, avoid Save at light. After being treated with hot water, the layer of egg white inside the egg is solidified, and the pores on the shell are closed from the inside, thereby obtaining a clear effect of preservation. The time for scalding eggs must be strictly controlled. This is the key to success. The time is not enough to achieve the desired effect; once the fire is over, mature eggs will be lost when the eggs are cooked. 5, plant preservation method This is the use of phytoncide preservation method, can be used garlic and plants mixed with fresh eggs, very effective. Mustard seeds, leeks, pepper and other plants that can release phytobiotics are mixed with fresh eggs and are very effective. According to reports from the Soviet Union, a cooked egg sealed in the smell of hawthorn can be preserved for 25 years. The bactericidal materials can be sourced locally, and the preservation effect varies from material to material. During operation, an appropriate amount of bactericidal plants may be placed on the bottom of the container, fresh eggs may be discharged from the layers of the dies, and sterilized plants may be added. The bottom of the container, the four walls and the egg body should also be filled with loose fillers to prevent earthquakes and allow the odor-resistant substances to diffuse. Use the above-mentioned various preservation methods, should pay attention to the following questions: (1) Do not wash with water before fresh eggs are stored. Because the original eggshell has a very thin layer of gum, it has a protective effect, leaving it to keep it fresh and preserved. (2) During the storage period, regular inspections must be conducted to eliminate the eggs that have been deteriorating in time to prevent contamination. (3) The container should be placed in a cool, dry, dark place to provide a suitable storage environment.

Carrot is a kind of vegetable which is rich in nutrition and easy to process. The raw materials are bright red, the section yellow core is small, and the luster is not damaged. Processing should be selected one by one, cut off the non-edible parts, wash 2 to 3 times, according to the requirements of cutting into various shapes, such as block, sheet, stripe, dice, round pattern, stripe pattern, etc. the remaining material is generally processed into dice. The products used for export should be removed according to the requirements of merchants, and the peeling machine can be used for mass production. The processed products are blanched for 1-3 minutes in the hot water of 100 C in the basket. The blanching degree should be strictly controlled. If the blanching is excessive, the products will become soft and discolored, which will affect the quality of the products. After blanching, chill to below 10 C, drain on the vibrating drainer, freeze in the quick freezing device for 10 minutes, and pack quantitatively and refrigerate. Customers who need to freeze Diced Carrots can contact us at any time.

Frozen Diced Carrots

Frozen Diced Carrots

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