Rapeseed transplanting microbial inoculant effect is good

The ability to transplant rapeseed with high quality is an important basis for the early development of strong seedlings. It takes 1 week after the rape to restore normal growth. If you want to make rape early, you must find ways to improve the quality of transplanting. Rapeseed transplants are mostly planted in strips or planted in holes. One day before the seedlings, the water was poured and the main roots were cut off when the seedlings were raised, and the lateral roots were cut down. When transplanting, the roots of the "Spring Garden" microbial inoculant are used to remove the roots, and 2-3 kg/mu of the microbial agent is applied to the seedlings, which can promote the growth of the root system, shorten the seedling-reducing period of rapeseed, and strengthen the plants. Resistance.

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