Digging cellar storage technology

First, dig pits, choose high-pitched, dry, sunny place as a pit site. Dig the pit into a pour-glass cup with a small mouth. The general storage of 1,000 kilograms per cellar, the pit can be dug into a diameter of 50-60 cm, the bottom diameter of 150-160 cm, 180-200 cm deep; requires the cellar wall smooth, cellar bottom formation.
Second, fill the film to choose a diameter slightly larger than the bottom of the cell, the length is greater than the depth of the pit without damage to the plastic film tube, and then one end of the plastic film tube with a rope tied, the end into the pit.
Third, loading grain.
The sun dried grain is put into a plastic tube, and then the bag mouth is fastened, and then 1-2 old sacks are stamped on it.
4. After sealing, the cellar opening will be covered with planks, bricks or cement boards, and then covers 10-20 cm thick soil.


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