Niu Yin "four water" benefits health

In order to prevent cattle from experiencing "cold" dehydration, the cattle should be provided with "quadruple water" such as physiological thermoregulation water, nutritious nourishing water, blood-activating bone water, and beneficial mother-fetus water to ensure the health and growth of cattle. It is very good for feeding cattle, cows and beef cattle to drink “four waters”. Physiological thermoregulation water to physiological thermoregulation water, its role can be divided into two kinds of water cooling and warming with water. Drinking water with adequate cooling of water can naturally increase the body temperature of cows due to a large amount of dry feed that consumes less water, which is conducive to normal growth and development. The cattle consume a large amount of dry feed and lack of drinking water, which can easily lead to unbalanced ratio of water and raw materials, resulting in gastro-intestinal burning. The lungs and spleen are raging and the energy cannot be effectively released, absorbed and transformed. Common cows are uneasy, rumination is slow, appetite is declining, and they become urinary hot. In severe cases, the skin is as thin as skin, the eyes are dull, the dry cough is not only, the nose mouth is closed, the air is thick, the hair is falling off, and the fury is howling. In the process of cooling water for cattle to be served, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of applying cold drinks, guided drinking and mixed drinking to cattle.
(1) Cold drinks, that is, timely feeding of cattle with sufficient clean and cold water to relieve heartburn and remove lung and spleen.
(2) Guided drinking, each adult cow uses 0.3 kg to 0.6 kg of rice shochu (or 0.2 kg of urea) each time, and puts 5 kg to 7 kg of cold water, allowing the cow to smell and drink. On the one hand, cattle drink plenty of water, can accelerate the fermentation of feed in the stomach cavity, promote digestion, reduce the excess material to produce elevated body temperature. On the other hand, after a cow drinks cold drinks, it needs to absorb a large amount of heat for a period of time, and then the process of energy natural conversion can induce the cow to continue drinking, so that the temperature of the various systems in the body tends to be normal.
(3) Mixed drinks refer to water and cast. Feeding 10 kg to 15 kg of dried straw, the straw can be soaked in clean water for 3 hours to 5 hours, making it possible to absorb 3 kg to 5 kg, which can meet 30% to 40% of the cow's daily drinking water. To raise the temperature of the water to feed the cattle with sufficient water in a timely manner can overcome and prevent various anomalies such as appetite loss, indigestion, impaired excretion, and mental chills due to insufficient drinking water. In general, cattle are given hot drinks, vertical drinking, and drinking.
(1) Hot drinks, heat the water to 40°C and place it in a food tank to heat the cold and heat the stomach.
(2) For vertical drinking, in 40°C hot water, add 30 grams to 50 grams of salt per kilogram of water or 100 grams of soy sauce, so as to increase the consumption of bovine drink and drink plenty of water.
(3) For drinking, mix the feed with hot water and dilute evenly to increase appetite, supplement energy and raise body temperature. Nutrient-enriched water Feeding nutritious and nourishing water means feeding cattle with nutritious, nutritious, and bodied drinking water. It is generally divided into nourishing water, protein tonic water, and trace element tonic water. Fat tonic cakes, peanut cakes, sesame cakes, sterilized cottonseed cakes, rapeseed cakes, etc. are all fat feeds. These non-toxic cakes are crushed into powder and each cow is fed 3 kg to 5 kg each day, plus 2 kg to 4 kg of distillers' grains, 10 kg of shredded hay, 100 g of salt, and 15 kg of hot water. Cattle. Protein nourishing water bean cake, bean dregs, etc., each adult cow can be soaked after being soaked in a ratio of 1:10 to 15 cakes per day; bean paste, pea sauce, etc., can be soaked in the ratio of 1:20 to 30 of soy sauce , Plus 100 grams to 200 grams of sugar feeding. If you eat both fat and nourishing water daily and feed protein tonic water, the number of feedings can be halved, respectively. Trace elements tonic water can be added to trace elements in drinking water, young cattle each feeding daily zinc 5 mg to 10 mg, iron 6 mg to 12 mg, calcium 4 mg to 8 millitors, magnesium 10 mg to 15 mg, Feed for one winter continuously. Huoxue Qiangshui is commonly used to feed cows. It has the following three types of Huoxue Qiang Biao: Rheumatism cure soup takes 0.5 kg to 1 kg of loquat leaves, 0.4 kg to 0.8 kg of gossip maple, 0.6 kg to 1.2 kg of loquat, and 0.7 kg of orange peel -1.4 kg, 20 to 30 grams of Angelica, 20 to 25 grams of Atractylodes, 15 to 30 grams of medlar, 15 to 25 grams of lily, 10 to 20 grams of ginseng, and fry the herbs together to form a soup. Shochu 1 kilogram to 3 kilograms, which is fed once a day in the morning, in the evening and once in the evening. Each time the liquid is fed with 1 kilogram to 2 kilograms, the general drinking can be recovered in 15 days. The flu cure soup takes Nepeta 300g~600g, orange peel 400g~800g, fresh leek 200g~400g, fresh onion 300g~500g, ginger 20g~50g, pepper 10g~20g, 10 grams of salt to 15 grams, stew boiled soup 4 kg to 6 kg, add 20 grams of vinegar to 30 grams, 5 kg to 8 kg of fresh water, each time to allow cattle to drink 1 kg to 2 kg, drink 3 times a day, Even for 3 days to 5 days. Strong bone reminder soup to take fresh dog bone 1 kg ~ 2 kg, fresh goat bone 2 kg ~ 3 kg, fresh pork ribs 3 kg ~ 5 kg, bone soup clear soup 15 kg ~ 20 kg, add bean paste 3 kg ~ 4 Kg, salt 100 grams to 150 grams, then the dog, sheep, pig bone ash sifted into the bone soup, so that cattle drink 2 kg to 3 kg each time, and even drink 7 days to 10 days. Motherbirth water is used to feed motherbirth water, which has many benefits for protecting pregnant cows and embryos. Maternal water is generally divided into stewing, brewing, and grinding. The drugs are basically the same. Commonly used are: Angelica 80 grams, Codonopsis 60 grams, 50 grams Atractylodes, glutinous rice 150 grams, 25 grams of ginseng, Zao Ren 120 grams, 20 grams of gypsum, 15 grams of Coptis, Silver Flower 20 grams, Motherwort 210 grams, calcium tablets 40 capsules. Stewed, these drugs can be boiled into soup. Brew, it is appropriate to use 70 degrees to 100 degrees of water soaked for 5 hours to 7 hours after the liquid feeding. Grinding, that is, grinding the drug and feeding it into the feed. Throughout the winter, formulate 2 to 3 times of this kind of mother-to-be foreboding water to make drink for pregnant cows, so that the cows will be healthy and the embryos will be healthy.

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