Golden baby bacteria can improve the quality of fruits and vegetables

According to the analysis of soil nutrient monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, the quality of cultivated land in China is currently declining. Among them, the content of cultivated soil organic matter in the country is relatively low, averaging only 1.8%, and the dry land is only about 1%. The level of soil fertility in developed countries such as Europe and the United States is quite different. Improper fertilization is the main reason that must be taken seriously. For a long time, technology and materials are out of line, chemical fertilizer production, supply, and application malformation development, fertilizer technology is backward, the proportion of fertilization is seriously out of balance, there is a phenomenon of "triple and light", that is, heavy chemical fertilizer, light organic fertilizer; diazo fertilizer, light phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; Quantity element, slight amount of element. Due to unreasonable fertilization, crop physiology and diseases are aggravated, fruit shape, taste is not good, resistance to storage decline, etc., not only affect the quality of life of our people and food safety, but also seriously weakened the competitiveness of China's agricultural products in the international market, direct Affect export earnings. Improper fertilization also causes the quality of agricultural products to decline, mainly because the fruits are not sweet, the food is not fragrant, the cotton and hemp fibers become shorter, and the harmful nitrate content in the food rises, which is harmful to human health. In order to change the current situation, we should mainly start with the addition of organic fertilizers, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, and trace elements to supplement the various micro-nutrient elements needed for fruits and vegetables so that they can quickly restore their original taste. One of the quicker ways is to use Gembio Biosweetener because it contains all kinds of medium and micronutrients needed by plants, which can prevent flowering and fruit drop, promote fruit enlargement, prevent cracking, and obviously improve fruit appearance and internality. Quality, and it is a pure microbial preparation, does not contain hormones, is a sweet and unpleasant nemesis.

Single Dome Halogen Operating Light belongs to full refelection Operation Theatre Lights . 



1.The halogen reflective shadowless lamp is widely used in various operation lighting occasions in hospital and clinics. 

2. Full close streamline lamp-body design of the halogen operation theatre light completely meets the demand of the sterilization and high standard of laminar flow purification in operation room.

3. Adopting more than 5280 slices of reflection mirror, guaranteeing 1200 mm lighting depth.

4. Lighting color of the Single Dome Halogen Operating Light is close to natural sunlight and helps the doctor to operate surger clearly and accurately.

5. The back-up bulb will start work within 0.2 seconds automatically in case the main battery is dead, ensuring the continuation of surgical operation. There`s failure indication in the handle control panel to recommend the bulb to be changed after operation.

6. The detachable handle jacket can be used for high temperature (≤134℃) sterilized.

7. Digital-control circuit offers many functions, with 10 segment brightness selection  stepless lighting regulation, brightness memory, low voltage

start-up and power on self test etc.

8. The life-span of OSRAM halogen bulb is up to 1500 hours. The bulbs can be changed easily.

9. High thermostability Germany ORSAM  lamp socket.

10.Balance arm can be optional Germany imported or domestic.

11. mould Die-casting Eight edge type Revolving arm.

Types of the lamp domes have 500mm diameter dome and 700mm diameter dome for Choice

Installation way: Ceilling installation type and floor standing type for Choice


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Shangdong province is the main machinery production base in China. 

KANGERJIAN Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a group of senior lighting  design expert and machinery manufacturing expert company with 20years experience and factory locating in the east city--the hometown of confucius--Qufu in Shandong province, China.


The Company has passed the ISO:9001:2008 quality system certification, ISO13485:2003 quality system certification, CE certification and CFDA certification, so that the enterprise management standards and product quality is relatively connected to expand the international market for enterprises to lay the foundation.

Our main products: Operation Theatre Lights, Double Dome Halogen Operating Light, Single Dome Halogen Operating Light, LED Operating Light , Surgical Operating LED Light , Gynecology Examination Tables , Obstetric Delivery Bed , Electrical Gynecological Table , Delivery Examination Table , Electric Hydraulic Operating Table, Electric Medical Operating Table, Surgical Table , Operating Table , Operating Theatre Pendants , icu tower crane in ICU room, LED Viewbox etc. professional medical equipment.


The quality of casting by me, the market led by me! Excellent from professional, KANGERJIAN people lead the new trend of medical equipment.

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Single Dome Halogen Operating Light

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