Corn leaf spot and round spot disease prevention

1. Prevention and treatment of large-spot corn disease: Select the local planting cultivars and the growing corn field. Take five sampling points and check the number of diseased plants, the number of leaves per plant and the severity of each plant. When the general disease rate reaches 100% and the diseased leaf rate is 30%, there is a rainfall process and prevention can be carried out. Can be sprayed with 12% green milk copper, or 25% of the enemy off 2000 times, or 40% of the disease Weiwei suspension 1000 times or 80% of new Wansheng 700 times and other control.

2. Prevention and control of corn round spot disease: Select susceptible varieties, take five sampling points, check 10 strains at each point, check the diseased plant rate and the number of diseased leaves per plant. In general, it is used to prevent and control the spraying of silkworms with 25% triadimefon 500-800 times.

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