Fermenting Bed Pigs Precautions

What should we pay attention to when raising pigs in fermentation beds? Take Jinbao fermentation bed as an example: (1) Control pig feed density. The breeding density of pigs should not be too high. The number of breeding pigs per unit area is too much, and the fermentation effect of the fermentation bed will be reduced. Generally, an area of ​​1.2 to 1.5 m2 per pig is appropriate, and piglets may be appropriately increased in density. (2) The bed humidity of the Goldbea fermentation bed is appropriate. Can not be too dry, with a certain humidity is conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms; if it is too dry, it may cause respiratory disease in pigs, and it can spray water or active agent solution on the fermentation bed regularly. (3) The goldfish fermentation bed should be regularly dewormed. In order to remove the parasites from the body, the circling live pigs should not be brought into the fermentation bed in advance, so that the pigs can ingest the worms into the abdomen when eating the hyphae. (4) Note the activity of microbial strains. Some non-professional strains collected by themselves need to add active agents to adjust to ensure the normal fermentation; while professional strains, such as Kimber's Fermentative strains, in normal circumstances, do not need to add active agents to ferment and reproduce, and the operation is greatly simplified. . If wood chips in the pighouse become thinner and less, the microbial fermentation strain and active agent solution should be properly supplemented. (5) Mastering the amount of feeding. In order to allow the pig arch to turn over the material on the bed, the amount of feed should be controlled at 80% of the normal amount, ie 80% of the feed should be fed. Live pigs generally have defecation and peeing habits at a fixed location. Managers can dig pits and disperse evenly when they pile. (6) Note the circle humidity. Check the humidity of the litter surface of the piggery frequently. The water content in the center fermentation layer is generally controlled at 50-60%. When the moisture content is too high, the vents can be opened, the air flow can be used to adjust the humidity, or the sawdust can be added to lower the humidity, and the humidity can be excessive. Spray or nutrient solution. (7) medication attention. The use of chemical drugs and antibiotics in the Jinbao fermentation bed-type pig house is prohibited because it has a killing effect on functional microorganisms and will reduce the activity of microorganisms, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the fermentation bed.

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