The mechanism of action of golden baby seaweed microbial fungus fertilizer

The Golden Baby Algae Microorganism Microorganism Fertilizer is mainly used to fix nitrogen, decompose phosphorus, dissolve potassium, activate soil, and form a particularly favorable micro-ecological environment around the roots of crops. It can promote the development of plant roots, enhance the ability of crops to resist salinity and drought and resist drought and drought; promote the absorption and utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese and other nutrients by crops; regulate the pH value of soil so that acidic or alkaline soil tends to Neutral; can enhance crop resistance to common high-risk diseases such as withering, yellowing, standing and tripping. Because it is imported from Australia, it is the latest generation of natural, high-efficiency and high-concentration broad-spectrum liquid microbial microbiological fertilizers that are separated and purified from marine organisms using the latest international microbiological engineering technology and technological means. Can be widely used in food, vegetables, fruit trees, forage, herbs, seedlings, flowers and other crops. The ecological and economic benefits of this product are obvious: (1) Increase production. Under equal cost conditions, economic crops can increase production and income by more than 10-20%, and the protection of greenhouses is even higher. (2) Improve quality. The biological characteristics and commercial performance of the crop are greatly improved, for example, the vitamin C content of the tomato can be increased, the sugar content of the watermelon can be improved by 10-15%, the flavor quality of the taste can be greatly improved, the growth period can be shortened, the morning market can be shortened, and the preservation period can be prolonged. Shelf life and so on. (3) Reduce costs and increase efficiency. It can eliminate compaction, resist disease, resist reversal and stress, greatly increase the utilization rate of fertilizers, reduce the amount of pesticides, and reduce the dosage of chemical fertilizers from 30% to 50% while reducing the risk of pesticide residues and heavy metals. (4) clean and sanitary. This product is small, light weight, clean and sanitary, easy to use, is a truly green microbial products.

The rape plant is a oleaginous plant, with a vast spreading area. The honeybees highly appreciate this plant, gathering from it important quantities of pollen and nectar. Rape Honey is obtained in May, is the rape planted was planted in the autumn of the previous year.

Rape honey crystallizes quickly because it has a high content of water (18% of its composition). It can crystallize even inside the comb and cannot be extracted anymore. It has a very low coloring (under 35 mm on Pfund scale).

Its scent is not very pleasant (it has a slight smack of cabbage). However, it has a delicious taste. This type of honey is preferred by many honey eaters because it is not very sweet. It has a smooth texture, a low acidity and a high Ph (4). Its weak conductivity points out that rape honey is not very rich in minerals.

Rape honey has in its composition more glucose than fructose. This explains the rapid crystallization. Thus, rape honey is commercialized only under crystallized form, having a creamy aspect. It is difficult to dissolve it in water.

Rape honey has healing properties, being recommended for curing kidney health problems. Rape plant oil, contain Q3, an element extremely important for bone development. For this reason rape honey is used to treat osteoporosis. It also helps the regeneration and elasticity maintenance of vascular walls. Rape honey consumption protects the liver, the spleen and the pancreas from various diseases. 

Rape Honey

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