Variety Category: Rice Varieties Name: Pei Zaoluo Approval No.: Guangdong Trial Rice 2008032
Variety source: Institute of Plant Protection, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Peiai 64S/anti-mosquito soft-feature Characteristics: Temperature-sensitive two-line hybrid rice combination. The average whole growth period of late production was 112-114 days, and it was 1 to 2 days later than Feng-Yong 128. It has strong tillering power, plant type and middle flagging, narrow flag leaf, strong stalks, strong resistance to fall, and large spikes and grains. The simulation of cold resistance was moderate in the booting stage and moderate in the flowering stage. Resistant to rice blast. Keke 99.9 ~ 105.3 cm, ear length 20.9 ~ 22.3 cm, 150 grains per panicle, seed setting rate of 76.3% ~ 80.4%, 12.9 grams of grain weight. The quality of late-class rice was identified as national standard 3, provincial standard 3, and the ratio of polished rice was 66.3% to 72.5%, chalkiness rate was 10% to 12%, chalkiness was 1.4% to 1.7%, and amylose was 24.0%. ~ 24.7%, gel consistency 50 ~ 53 mm, length to width ratio 2.9 ~ 3.2, eating taste quality points 72 ~ 74, slightly fragrant. Sensitivity to rice blast, the frequency of resistance in the total population was 63%, the frequency of resistance to the middle B group and the middle C group was 45.9% and 77%, respectively, and the incidence was heavier in the field; the bacterial blight was also found in the C4 and C5 groups. Feeling of performance.
Production performance: In late 2005 and 2006, the provincial production participated in the provincial experiment. The average yield per mu was 415.7 kg and 450.5 kg respectively, which was 4.98% and 3.58% higher than the control combination Fengyou 128, respectively. The increase was not significant; Production test, the average yield of 464.6 kg per mu.
Cultivation points: Special attention should be paid to the control of rice blast and bacterial blight, and it should not be planted in the areas where the rice blast disease history and the bacterial blight frequently occur. The male parent broadcasts 5 to 7 days earlier than the mother.
Planting area: Peizai soft-occupied a combination of temperature-sensitive two-line hybrid rice. The late growth period of the whole growth period was 1 to 2 days later than Fengyou 128. The yield was comparable to that of the control. The late rice quality was identified as national standard 3, provincial standard 3, rice blast and bacterial leaf blight, cold resistance was weak, and rice blast resistant. It is suitable for the early and late planting of plains in the rice growing areas in south-central and southwestern provinces of our province. Special attention should be paid to the control of rice blast and bacterial blight in the plain area of ​​rice cultivation in south-central and southwestern provinces. Comply with the certification standards for crop varieties in Guangdong Province and pass the examination and approval.

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