Reasonable Fertilization to Control Nitrate Content in Vegetables

Vegetables are indispensable important foods in people's daily life. Studies have shown that about 70%-80% of the nitrates consumed by humans come from vegetables. Nitrate ingested by the human body can be reduced to nitrite by the action of microorganisms. Nitrite forms a strong carcinogen, nitrosamine, in the stomach cavity, which induces canceration of the digestive system.

To reduce the accumulation of nitrate in vegetables, fertilization technology is the key, including reasonable fertilizer varieties, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace element ratios, suitable fertilization time and methods, organic fertilizers and other aspects.

1. The application of organic manure combined with chemical fertilizers is an important measure to reduce the accumulation of nitrate in vegetables and increase the nutritional value of the product. The application of nitrogen fertilizer with manure and soil manure can make the ratio of inorganic nitrogen and organic nitrogen reach 1:1. Effectively control and reduce nitrate accumulation in vegetables.

2. Select the appropriate type, form and amount of nitrogen fertilizer The nitrogen fertilizer should be mainly applied with urea and ammonium chloride, or the ratio of nitrate nitrogen fertilizer and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should be 3:7. In the short-season vegetables, 10 kg of pure nitrogen was used in the whole growth period, and 15 kg of pure nitrogen was used in the whole growing period of long-season vegetables.

3, the use of scientific fertilization method of the shorter growing period of vegetables, using basal fertilizer into a one-time. 70% of long-season vegetables, nitrogen fertilizer, organic fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers were used as base fertilizers, and 30% of nitrogen fertilizers were used as topdressing, which was beneficial to restricting the accumulation of nitrate in vegetables in the later period.

4, with the use of nitrogen fertilizer inhibitors N-pyrimidine and dicyandiamide and other nitrogen inhibitors inhibit the activity of soil nitrifying bacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing nitrate accumulation in soil and vegetables.

5. The content of nitrate in vegetables such as foliar spraying of trace elements and other chemicals decreased with the increase of molybdenum fertilizer application. Nitrate content in leaf sprayed with molybdenum fertilizer decreased by 41% to 76%. Exogenous application of molybdenum, manganese and other trace element fertilizers outside the roots can activate nitrate reductase in leaves of vegetables and reduce the nitrate content in the plants. In addition, spraying with oxalic acid, glycine, etc. on the day before harvest can significantly reduce the nitrate content in vegetables.

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