Hairy prawn

Latin name: penaeus (Fenneropenaeus) Penicillatus Alcock
Popular names: Prawns, white shrimps, prawns, and big shrimps. Taiwan said: red tail shrimp;
Outline: Origin and production period of shrimp:
Mainly distributed in the Indian Ocean, the West Pacific, Pakistan to Indonesia along the coast. China's Fujian, Taiwan, and the eastern coast of Guangdong are the most common. Fishing rods are from October to January every year. At present, it is the main breeding target in the southern coastal provinces.
Light brown body, the upper edge of the forehead 7 to 8 teeth, the lower edge of 4 to 6 teeth. The lateral aspect of the forehead is higher than that of the Chinese prawns and lower than that of the prawns. The horn of the forehead extends to the vicinity of the posterior edge of the cephalothorax and has no central groove. There are intermittent pits on the frontal ridges. The first tentacles whip is slightly longer than the cephalothorax, and the male has the third bared foot with hairy, pen-shaped long hair. Its length is 1.2 to 2.7 times that of the second section. There are intermittent pits on the frontal ridges. The cockroaches at the top of the female connector were smaller than those of the Moorish prawn.

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