Salvia cultivation essentials

Salvia miltiorrhiza has strong growth adaptability, simple planting techniques, extensive management, and can be grown and planted in most areas of China, thus arousing farmers' planting boom. Grasping the new method of planting Salvia miltiorrhiza can increase the objective income for farmers.

First, flowering management

Salvia has a large amount of water during the flowering period, and water shortage during this period will seriously affect plant growth. In order to ensure that the nutrient can meet the physiological needs of the development of the roots, it is possible to spray the "Geguo Zhuang Ti Ling" before the flowering of Salvia miltiorrhiza, and the development of the roots, so as to make the underground nutrient transport conduit thicker and increase the amount of nutrient transport.

Second, do a good job of drainage and irrigation work

In time of drought, it is necessary to water in time, while the rainy season is good for drainage work. In areas with severe drought, spraying “new high-fat membranes” can have the effect of drought-retaining and moisturizing. In case of continuous rainy weather, if it is not drained in time, it will not only affect normal growth of Salvia miltiorrhiza, but also cause diseases such as rot disease. Therefore, the field drainage work is also very important.

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