Big horse snail

English name: Trochus niloticus
Common name: Origin and production period of the conch:
Living on the coralline rocks from the low tide to the shallow sea. Produced in Hainan Island Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, Sanya coastal, found in China's Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands, Japan, Indochina Peninsula also has distribution. Meat is edible.

Horseshoe Branch Trochidae

The shell is large and thick, with a conical shape and a large spiral section. The upper half of each spiral layer has 3-4 spiral ribs connected by granular protrusions. Above the sutures, there is a row of coarse nodules in the lower half of the spiral layer. The shell is gray and has a purplish flaming pattern. The bottom of the shell is flat, the mouth is oblique, the outer lip is simple, the inner lip is thick, and it is twisted into an S-shape and horny.

                                                                  Bed Head Unit For Ward

The  Medical Bed Head Unit is made of aluminum alloy sections, of which the surface is treated with acrylic painting or electrostatic spray. It is equipped with the dismountable panel, three built-in cabling channels for gas, strong electricity and weak electricity, and external leakage protectors, bedside lamps, large toggle switches, five-hole multi-function socket, gas terminal and Medical wards calling system. The hospital can choose the appropriate color in line with the environmental requirements.

Bed Head Unit For Ward

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