Microbial fertilizer application notes

Microbial fertilizers are bioactive fertilizers and therefore have specific application requirements. The first is to avoid long-term use after opening the bag. After opening the bag for a long period of time, other bacteria may invade the bag, causing the microbial flora to change and affecting its use. The second is to avoid use under conditions of high temperature and drought. Under high temperature and drought conditions, survival and reproduction will be affected and they will not play a good role. The use of such fertilizers should be selected on a cloudy or sunny evening, combined with cover soil, manure, watering, etc., to prevent microbial fertilizers from being exposed to direct sunlight or due to insufficient water. The third is to avoid mixing with unripe farmyard fertilizers. The stacking or mixing of these fertilizers with uncomplexed organic fertilizers will kill microorganisms due to high temperatures and affect the exertion of microbial fertilizers. At the same time, care must be taken to avoid mixing with over-acid and over-alkaline fertilizers. The fourth is to avoid simultaneous use with pesticides. Chemical pesticides inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms to varying degrees, and even kill microorganisms. If you need to use pesticides, you should also stagger the use of time. Do not mix microbial fertilizers with tools that contain pesticides and fungicides.

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