Facilities cultivation flowers and trees fertilizer ten inappropriate

Regardless of whether it is planted or cultivated, if it is improperly fertilized, it will not only cause poor growth but also cause death of the plant. In the cultivation of facilities, special attention should be paid. The reasons for the inapplicable fertilization in ten cases are as follows:

First, newly planted plants do not apply new planting flowers and more wounds, if stimulated by the outside world, it can not be easy, even cause rot.

Second, flowering does not apply fertilization during flowering, it is likely to cause buds, falling or fruit drop.

Third, the rainy days do not apply rainy days, high air humidity, high soil moisture, plants sucking fertilizer, poor fertilizer retention. Fertilizer and fertilizer are easy to lose at this time, and it is easy to cause the branches and leaves to grow long and induce pests and diseases.

Fourth, dormancy does not apply to flowers in the dormant period to stop or slow growth, slow metabolism, poor photosynthesis ability. If you chase fertilizer, it will break the dormancy and cause the plants to continue to grow. In this way, it will consume more nutrients and affect the flowering in the coming year.

Fifth, the roots of the trees are also expanded accordingly. If you only apply fertilizer under the roots, it will not be conducive to its full absorption and utilization. Therefore, depending on the growth of the plant, the hole is applied at a certain distance from the root to facilitate the absorption of the root system.

Sixth, concentrated fertilizer pots and pots applied fertilizer, the concentration can not be too large or too much, otherwise it will plant cell body fluids suck out and cause dead. Generally should master the principle of "fat fertilizer and diligent application", and the best three points fertilizer seven points water.

Seventh, raw fertilizer can not be applied If you do not use the decomposition of fertilizer, not only prone to a variety of insect pests, often also emit odors and affect health, pollute the environment. Moreover, raw water will produce high temperatures when it comes into contact with water, which will damage plant roots.

Eight, nitrogen fertilizer is not applied to flower fertilization, should be used in combination with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, the best cake fertilizer, manure, bone meal, grass ash and other farm-based fertilizer. If crude nitrogen fertilizer is applied often, the growth period of branches and leaves may be prolonged, and flowering or non-flowering may be postponed.

Nine, weak plants do not apply weak branches weak plants, poor ability to photosynthesis, slow metabolism, "virtual no fill." If you fertilize easily, you can easily cause damage.

Ten, before entering the room without applying most flowers into the dormancy period after entering the room, so before the fertilization. Otherwise, it will lead to over tender branches, reducing the ability of the plants to resist cold and pests in winter.

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