The Prevention of Umbilical Rot of Tomato in Protected Field

In recent years, umbilical rot and malformed fruit have occurred during the production of protected land tomatoes, and they have been on the rise. The occurrence of these two diseases will have a great impact on tomato yield and quality. The occurrence of umbilical rot and malformed fruit and their control measures are described below.

The cause of tomato umbilical rot is a physiological disease caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency is mainly manifested in the following situations: First, the soil itself is deficient in calcium. That is, the plant cannot absorb sufficient calcium from the soil, and the calcium has poor mobility, and the fruit cannot be supplemented with calcium in time. When the fruit lacks calcium, it causes physiological disorders of the umbilical cells, loss of control of water capacity and necrosis, forming umbilical rot. Second, the soil does not lack calcium, but the concentration of soil solution is too high, especially the concentration of potassium, magnesium, ammonium ions is too high, and it has an antagonistic effect on calcium, so that the absorption of calcium is affected. Third, insufficient or unstable water supply during tomato growth, resulting in drought during flowering to fruit setting, and increased transpiration of tomato leaves. The large amount of water needed for the umbilical portion of tomatoes is taken away by the leaves, impeding the growth and development of the umbilicus and forming umbilical rot. .

Control methods apply more organic fertilizer to enhance the permeability of the soil. When acid soil is plowed, 50-75 kg of slaked lime is applied per 667 square meters, which can change the absorption environment of the root system. Planting water to ensure sufficient water supply at the beginning of the flowering period and results. To avoid excessive nitrogen application, especially for fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer, do not use too much one time, pay attention to the appropriate ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Within one month after the tomato result is the key period for absorbing calcium. From the first ear flower, all-water-soluble Merrill Lynch can be sprayed on the leaves and young fruit every one week. Appropriately sparsely fruit and fruit to prevent unnecessary calcium competition.

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