Rape Locust

Scientific name: Meligethes aeneus Fabricius Coleoptera, Phylloidea. Distributed in Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces.

Host plants such as rape, cruciferous plants, carrots, sunflowers, fruit trees, etc.

Injury characteristics, larvae edible rapeseed pollen, stamens, flower stalks and sepals, causing buds, flowers dry dead, difficult to normal solid. Adults are more important than larvae.

Morphological characteristics Adult body about 3mm long, black, with a blue-green luster, flat oval, tentacles brown 9 knots, hammer section 3, can receive income in the head of the ditch. The foot is tan to reddish-brown, and the forelegs have small teeth. Coleoptera short. The sides of the body are nearly parallel, the ends are flattened, the tail section is slightly exposed outside the wings, and the eclipse has a shallow engraved point that is not neat. Egg length 1mm, oval white hair, smooth surface. The last-instar larvae are 4-5mm long, black in the head, white in the chest and abdomen, and 2 patches of dark spots on the back of the chest. White, with a fork at the end, wing buds reaching the fifth abdominal section, turning yellow to dark black when near feathering.

Living habits 1 generation per year in Xinjiang. Adults in the soil or under the leaves of stumps wintering, late spring cruciferous vegetables and other cruciferous vegetables after flowering in the middle and late May, that is, rape into the bud, the adults began to move into the rape field, adults Many eggs are produced on unflowered buds and attached to the stamens. Each larva spawns 1 to several grains. In June, it enters into the prosperous period. There are many eggs and larvae in the flowers. The larvae have a harmful period of about 20 days. After being cooked, it was put into a room to make room for phlegm, part of the eclosion was in that year, and winter began in October.

Prevention methods (1) After the harvest, clean the pastoral area and turn autumn to reduce the source of insects. (2) Select early-flowering varieties, suitable for early sowing, and escape the adult pests. (3) The larvae are sprayed with 40% dimethoate EC 000 times or 25% Phosphorus EC 1200 times and 35% endosulfan EC 1500-1600 times.

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