Japan has developed a new device for accurately detecting brain waves

Xinhuanet, Tokyo, March 2 (Reporter Lan Jianzhong) A research team led by Lecturer Suzuki Ryuwen of the University of Tokyo and a professor of Niigata University, Hasegawa, has developed a brain signal reading device. This device can accurately detect brain waves without damaging the surrounding tissue.

They first processed the polymer material polychloro-p-xylene to leave pinhole-like micropores on the surface, and then processed the surface with microelectromechanical system technology, and mounted a tiny electrode every 0.5 to 1 mm above.

In an experiment using monkeys, the researchers placed 128 electrodes on a polychlorinated paraxylene material 3 cm long and 5 cm wide, making the sensitivity of the device exactly the expected. Even when it is a brain wave emitted by a brain nerve cell such as a moving finger, the device can accurately detect it.

A method of reading a brain signal by inserting an electrode into the brain has always existed, but the function of the electrode is unsustainable and damages the surrounding tissue. However, the existing external brain wave detector avoids damage to the human body, but since the material of the fixed electrode is made of silicone, it cannot be closely adhered to the head, and the interval between the electrodes is about 1 cm, so The sensitivity is very low. The newly developed device uses a polychlorinated paraxylene material that is soft, freely deformable, and perfectly conforms to the surface of the head, so the sensitivity is comparable to the insertion of electrodes into the brain.

In the future, if you can send brain waves wirelessly, you can move your hands and move your computer and other devices. The new technology will contribute to the realization of self-care for patients with spinal cord injury.

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