Spring cotton sowing technique

According to species, fertility and planting methods to determine the density, reasonable close planting, to reach a full seedlings. Generally single planted spring cotton varieties, the density of the first mu is controlled at about 3500, spacing 1 meter, plant spacing 19 centimeters; semi-spring varieties generally have about 4500 per mu density, spacing, plant spacing 15 cm; summer cotton varieties, in the fertilizer water For well-conditioned plots, the density per mu is controlled at about 6,500 plants; the general land mass is controlled at about 7,500 plants; and the drought-prone, low-yield land is at about 8,000-10,000 plants.

All-on-one planting is the basis for the increase of yields. In order to reach full seedlings in production, the seeds with higher quality should be selected first. Secondly, the necessary seed treatment must be carried out before sowing, such as seed selection and drying, in order to increase the germination rate and the vitality. In order to prevent the disease at the seedling stage of cotton, pesticide seed dressing is also required. Third, we must pay attention to the quality of sowing, adequate enough sowing. The general sowing depth is about 4 cm. In addition, spring cotton should pay attention to the application of base fertilizer, generally more than 5 square meters of organic fertilizer per acre, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate 20 kg.

Food Additives are substances added to food. Some additives have been used for centuries. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the twentieth century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin.

The advantages of food additives are these followed:

1. Improve the appearance of food.
2. Keep and enhance the nutrition value of food.
3. Increase the variety and conveniences of food.
4. Miantain freshness and prolong shelf life.
5. Provide leavening or control acidity and alkalinity.

Food Additives

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