How to discriminate why the tractor is weak

There are roughly three reasons why tractors are powerless: the engine is weak, the drive belt slips, and the clutch slips. How to diagnose? Start the engine first and disconnect the clutch. Put on the brake and step on the brake pedal to make the vehicle in braking state. Then increase the throttle, slowly engage the clutch, and observe the tractor's operation.

1. If the diesel engine is emitting black smoke and does not increase the speed, or even extinguishes, the engine is weak.

2. If the diesel engine is operating normally at this time, the tractor will have a tendency to go forward, but there is a burning odor of rubber, accompanied by a "click" sound, indicating that the drive belt slips.

3. If both the diesel engine and the drive belt are working properly at this time, the tractor is still in motion and there is abnormal sound, indicating that the clutch slips.

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