Which kinds of pastures are better for cows?

Cattle eat grasses and tall straw plants, followed by legumes. Forage species suitable for feeding cattle include hybrid pennisetum, sudangrass, alfalfa, pineleaf herb, wintergrass-70 rye, chicory, and rutabaga. Dairy cows generally have a green feed requirement of 50 kg per head per day, and mixed cattle including young cattle and yaks require an average of 30 kg of green feed per head per day. To realize the uninterrupted supply of green fodder throughout the year, one-year-old pasture should be combined with perennial grasses, tropical grasses and temperate grasses, and single-species and interplanting should be used as unit areas. Taking dairy cows as an example, the seasonal distribution method of pastures is to select temperate pastures from March to June, such as perennial red clover, white clover, alfalfa, gramineous grasses, and annual ryegrass as the main cultivars; 6 In October, tropical pastures such as hybrid pennisetum and Sudan grass were planted; from November to early March in the weedy season, the silage was mainly fed with a juicy feed and some hay. Crops suitable for silage include corn, sorghum, barley, and ryegrass. Legumes such as alfalfa, red clover and white clover are not suitable for silage alone.

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