Symptomatic treatment of swine insufficiency

First, the symptoms

The body temperature of the pig is still normal and the mental state is acceptable, but the feed intake is decreased or even not eaten. It is wasted, the hair length is coarse and dull and dull, the stool is slightly dry, the growth is slow, and the feed utilization rate is low; the minor respiratory symptoms have cough and The panting phenomenon was evident when eating; some pigs were restless, walking around, not lying, sleeping less, and sometimes biting each other.

Second, treatment

According to the owner, the pigs who do not eat or eat less are mainly treated with symptomatic and symptomatic treatments. Establish a reasonable feeding and management standard, and quantitatively feed the full-priced feed on time to ensure that the pig house has reasonable light and is in good health. For the treatment of respiratory symptoms, drug treatment is recommended. The resistance is recommended by Shanxi Hengfengqiang Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Virus I powder (500g/bag) was mixed with 500kg of feed per bag, and water-soluble amoxicillin was mixed with 300ppm of condiment for 5 days. The feed intake on the second day after treatment began to improve markedly. On the fifth day, the appetite of pigs returned to normal, the fur was smooth, the respiratory symptoms disappeared, the irritated pigs became quiet, and there was no biting phenomenon. The feed utilization rate was improved. Reflect the effect is good.

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