Fruit trees should promote flower bud differentiation after fruit picking

In the summer and autumn seasons, the flower buds of various fruit trees such as peach, plum, pear, apricot, apple, jujube and persimmon have differentiated. The accumulation of tree nutrients and the quality of flower bud differentiation are closely related to the yield and quality of fruit trees in the following year. Therefore, in addition to the normal soil, fertilizer, water management and pest control during this period, according to the different varieties, the pros and cons of the tree vigor, take some measures conducive to flower bud differentiation, in order to improve the yield and quality of fruit trees.

Early fruit picking and fruit picking by stages The young trees or old and weak trees need to be harvested earlier according to the specific conditions of the tree vigor, so as to reduce the nutrient burden of the tree, so as to facilitate restoration of tree vigor and promote flower bud differentiation. To adopt a method of fruit harvesting in stages for better-managed high-yield trees is beneficial to the restoration of tree potential.

Before and after harvesting the fruit, the fruit of the root fertilizer consumes a lot of nutrients in the tree body. After the fruit is picked, nutrition must be added in time to restore the tree vigor, ensure that there is sufficient nutrients to provide flower bud differentiation, improve the quality of flower buds, and enhance the ability to withstand cold in winter. Generally, the strong tree is sprayed with a 0.2%~0.3% solution of potassium dihydrogen phosphate or a mixture of 2%~3% of superphosphate and 0.3% of urea; 0.3%~0.5% of urea solution is sprayed on the old and weak trees. 7 to 10 days spray 1, even spray 3 to 4 times.

Appropriate water control for flower bud differentiation

For fruit trees that undergo flower bud differentiation during May to October, such as apples, peaches, plums, pears, etc., after the fruit is picked, the liquid fertilizer is continuously applied twice every 7 days, and water control is started until the color of the fruit leaves becomes light, and the leaves are slightly reeled. Or the degree of micro cracks in the topsoil. If the drought is too severe, it is necessary to spray water on the leaf surface or splash water on the surface, and control the water for 20 to 30 days. For trees with early results and prosperous trees with few results, the water control time should be longer. However, it should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the differentiation of flower buds.

Partially cut root or sun root

For the low-lying, poorly-drained mountain orchards or orchard with heavy soil, it is possible to perform partial root cutting at the early stage of flower bud differentiation, and to lightly root the roots of the fruit trees with shallow root distribution and open the soil around the roots of the roots. day. For fruit trees whose flower bud differentiation period is after October, pay attention to frost prevention, open the soil during the day, cover the soil and cover grass in the afternoon.

Spraying agent

Spraying more than a long time before the shoot is stopped can effectively control the growth of new shoots and promote the differentiation of buds into flower buds. After the fruits are harvested, paclobutrazol is used to control its growth, which can promote flower bud differentiation. Orally applied paclobutrazol, usually 15-30 grams per plant, after-effect up to 3 years. Spraying ethephon in autumn can control the growth of young trees and promote the development of short and middle branches, which is conducive to the formation of flower buds (used for unsuccessful saplings).

Timely pruning

It is necessary to summer trim the trees of the initial results. Buds topping: Eradication of budded shoots in the canopy and competition buds under the clippings. When the new shoot reaches 40 centimeters, it will be picked up. Twigs Twisting branches: The method of pulling branches, hanging branches and supporting branches is adopted for erect growing fruit trees that grow more prosperously, and the angle of upright branches is increased; for leggy branches or prosperous branches, 180 degrees are to be reversed, but do not twist and cause the leggy. Branches turn into branches and ease the tree. Ring cutting: For Wang Changshu, depending on the situation, it can be cut on the side of the big side branch, upright branch or on the main trunk. The bark can not be peeled off, and it can reach deep to the xylem. Can also be used lead wire or thin wire binding, to yellow when the veins must be unfastened, this method is applied to thin tree species of fruit bark, such as apples, pears, peaches, plums, dates, persimmons, etc.

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