Earthwork increases greenhouse CO2

It is well known that carbon dioxide is absorbed by various plants during photosynthesis, and the intensity of photosynthesis increases with the increase of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide meets the growing needs of plants. Crops have high yields and good quality. In general, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere is 0.03%, while the winter greenhouse greenhouse is in a closed state, and it is far from meeting the demand of cucumbers and tomatoes for carbon dioxide 0.1% to 0.15%. Therefore, it is necessary to artificially supplement carbon dioxide by planting balsam pear, tomatoes and other vegetables in the greenhouse. According to the experiment, cucumbers can increase production of carbon dioxide by 10% to 30% and 20% to 25% after seedling stage and planting, respectively. From cucumber seedling stage to persistent carbon dioxide supplementation after planting, the yield can increase by 31%. After adding carbon dioxide, the melons are straight, thick stems and dark green leaves, which greatly increase the yield and disease resistance.
Earth-replacement carbon dioxide means that 5 to 6 kilograms of fresh horse manure is piled in every cubic meter of space in the shed. Several points are set in the shed, and the carbon dioxide released after horse manure fermentation can meet the needs of vegetables.

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