Is it better to apply chemical fertilizers to crops?

1. After the amount of chemical fertilizer exceeds a certain amount, it is not conducive to the improvement of economic efficiency. Although the output of crops continues to increase, the corresponding economic effect will continue to decrease after the amount of fertilizer exceeds a certain limit. Therefore, applying more chemical fertilizers, although obtaining higher yields but not obtaining higher returns, is the reason.

2. If the use of chemical fertilizer exceeds the reasonable demand of the crop, it will cause harm to the crop. From crops to harvest, the absorption of nutrients is certain, and the absorption of various nutrients is also a certain proportion. Excessive fertilization results in excessive nutrient concentrations in the soil that are not conducive to seed germination, affect root development, impede crop water absorption, and cause growth decline. Too much nitrogen fertilizer will cause crops to be long, greedy green, hinder the transport of nutrients to the grain, the yield decline. Excessive phosphorus may shorten the vegetative period of crops and mature prematurely, causing premature senescence, which may easily lead to lack of nutrients such as zinc, iron and magnesium.

3. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers may cause soil pollution due to excess nutrients in the soil.

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