Lamb rearing techniques

How can we increase the economic benefits of keeping sheep? As we all know, lamb meat is a species that can perform seasonal downsizing. If lambs are slaughtered and slaughtered in the same year, the growth of the sheep is matched with the growth of the grass, and the lack of grass and materials will be avoided in the winter. This will allow farmers to increase their income and increase the economic benefits of raising sheep.
First, ewes early mating to produce ewes to be as early as possible mating, then winter lambs and early spring lambs, for the year lambs bred during the year to slaughter.
Second, the construction of winter sheds to build the winter sheds, as the basis for the winter ewes to provide places, to create the conditions for the winter lamb and early spring lamb, to ensure that the lambs can be bred to slaughter that year.
Third, make-up concentrates that in the ewes pregnant during pregnancy to supplement concentrates, sheep lambs sheep lamb feeding in the same period, even the entire lamb feeding, so that it reaches the slaughter standard in the fall.
The lamb lamb was slaughtered during the year and supplemented with concentrate was an important measure and a necessary measure. As a ruminant animal, mutton sheep should promote the use of non-protein nitrogen, gelatinized corn plus sustained-release feed, can improve feed utilization efficiency and reduce costs. According to the need to add a small amount of trace elements, made of sheep biscuits in the form of rubbish bricks, sheep for snacks when grazing feeding supplements, simple and easy to use, easy to promote in pastoral areas.
IV. Solving the problem of shortage of forage during seasonal grazing prohibition in winter and spring Forage problems are the bottleneck of the development of animal husbandry, and the contradiction between grass and livestock is mainly concentrated in winter and spring. There are two ways to solve the forage problem:
1. More silage corn is planted on the ground suitable for planting corn. Silage corn has a long shelf life and is a forage grass species during the winter and spring grazing season. In particular, when the drought bans grazing in spring, it is easier for sheep to eat green silage corn than to eat dry stalks. Due to the high shipping cost of silage corn, it is not appropriate to transport commodity grasses for long-distance transportation. It is suitable for sheep farmers to plant them in their own feed.
2. In pastoral areas, there are grass shortages in the winter and spring submergence seasons. In addition to local solutions such as grass planting, grass planting and grass preparation, the other way is to transfer straw from nearby agricultural areas. The grassland pastoral area is due to lack of groundwater resources and other reasons. The lack of grass can not be solved locally, and it is a good choice to transfer straw from the agricultural area across the region for forage grass.
V. Timely slaughter Before the advent of winter, except for a certain number of basic ewes and sheep, all commercial lambs are slaughtered. Practice has proved that implementing the lamb slaughter of the year can achieve the "win-win" effect:
1. The lambs were bred and slaughtered in the same year. The slaughter rate and the commodity rate of the sheep were raised. The lamb meat was delicious and the selling price was high. 2. The lambs were bred and slaughtered in the autumn. Only the sheep and the ewes passed the winter. In winter and spring, the demand for fodder and sheds has been reduced, and winter and spring feeds have been used to feed and no longer graze, effectively protecting the grassland ecology.

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