Preventing Soybeans from Being "Flawless" Coup

Soybean meal is unrealistically occurring in summer soybeans for many reasons, such as improper proportions of N, P, K, varieties, high density, lack of trace elements, pests, and other factors that can cause the grain to fail to form. pod. China Agricultural Technology Network recommends that you prevent the use of summer soybeans in production and must start with the following aspects:

1. Increasing the use of organic fertilizers and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in a single use of nitrogen fertilizers tends to cause madness, which can lead to irrationality. After the emergence of summer soybean must be followed by a certain amount of organic fertilizer and ternary compound fertilizer. In the case of severe fields, application of P and K fertilizers should be added to reduce the amount of earthworms.

2, spray foliar fertilizer Soybean deficiency can easily lead to ignorance. The production should be sprayed once every 10 days after the initial flowering period of soybean, 0.1% -0.2% borax, 0.5% -1% urea solution, sprayed 2-3 times; full bloom spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2% -0.5 %, it can not only prevent the plants from de-fertilizing, but also can prevent worms. Foliar fertilizer should be sprayed on a cloudy or sunny afternoon without wind, with spraying on the back of the leaves.

3. Reasonable irrigation should be timely irrigated and drought-proof in the case of drought and soil moisture, in order to meet the demand for water in the soybean grain and decrease the earthworms.

4, pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases from the soybean seedling stage must pay attention to the occurrence of aphids, prevention and treatment early. During the flowering stage, special attention was paid to the prevention and control of downy mildew, gray spot disease, soybean borer, bean pod, and pod moth, which increased the rate of scarring.

5, rotation for the establishment of a reasonable system of soil cultivation, to avoid re-planting, can prevent soil nutrient imbalance, reduce the hazards of pests and weeds, reduce the open area rate.

The above methods can effectively prevent and treat soybeans from appearing "unrealistic." Have you learned? Give it a try!

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