Production of six buckwheat foods

Buckwheat is one of China's traditional food crops. With the continuous improvement of health awareness, buckwheat is highly praised for its rich nutrition and special nutrients that are beneficial to health. It is known as a healthy staple food. In the field of diet and health care, buckwheat has a special status, especially for obese people, high blood pressure, diabetes and middle-aged and elderly people.

A, 荞 surface chrome

饴 chrome and Lanzhou noodles, Shanxi knife noodles par. Most of the ytterbium chrome is made of buckwheat noodles. When it is noodles, the ratio of buckwheat noodles to white noodles is 2:1. Cut the dough into cylindrical strips with a diameter of 10 cm and a length of 0.5 meters. The production of noodles and crucibles is neither smashed nor cut, but is made by crucible chrome beds. The conventional tool for making chrome is called the river bed. It is woody and needs several operations. There is now a small tool alternative, the metal bed, which is more hygienic while retaining the features of traditional craftsmanship. Convenient. The cooking pot was made under the enamel chrome bed and the metal sluice bed was used to press the sapphire chrome and the sagger chrome noodles were made. The sizzling chrome noodles are not only smooth in the entrance, but also powerful and powerful. They are served with a few spoonfuls of peppery pork marinade, which is excellent in color, smell and taste.

Second, handmade noodles

Halogen material production: The most popular halogen material for handmade buckwheat noodles is chopped green onion. Prepare a frying pan, heat, put a big spoonful of peanut oil, spread out, cover the bottom of the pan thinly. Put diced pork, diced pork and peanut oil in a ratio of 1:1. Rinse half-cooked pork, chicken, soy sauce, and chopped green onion. Add a bowl of water and mix well with a spoon while pouring water. Finally add MSG and cook it.

Hand-made noodles production: Put 500 grams of buckwheat noodles into pots, add warm water in several portions, stir with chopsticks while adding water, add water to the ratio of buckwheat noodles to 1:3, and mix well into soft and hard dough. The dough is slightly kneaded to grow, cut into pieces, and kneaded into a bread-like shape. Spread some dry noodles on the chopping board and gently open it with a rolling pin. The buckwheat noodles are poor in toughness, and the entire dough cannot be made too thin. The buckwheat noodles are diced into thin strips with an average thickness of 0.5 cm. The buckwheat noodles are then stacked and cut into noodles. After the noodles are chopped, they should be gently shaken to prevent adhesions. Immediately after boiled, the following strips were cooked. After cooking, the green onion, pork, and pork were boiled in a bowl. The soft, smooth and delicious buckwheat noodles were ready.

Three, soba noodles cat ears

The surface of the buckwheat cat ears must be slightly harder, and the amount of water must be controlled below 1/4 of the amount of buckwheat noodles. After the face is good, the buckwheat dough is chopped into thick strips of fingers, then cut into small pieces of 1 cm square, and the left hand grabs a small noodle, and the right thumb is used to “little fish” in the left palm. The site takes a turn for the better. Buckwheat noodles cat ears have the size of a thumb nail cover, very delicate. Buckwheat noodles and cat ears are cooked, and it needs to be served with a soup base.

Soup base production: Rack-pot ignition, pour boiling oil, add pork, fry half-cooked, sprinkle with chopped green onion, pepper, chicken, soy sauce, salt, until the pork fry, then pour into a bowl of water, 5 minutes After the soup is boiled and boiled, it is put into the ears of the buckwheat noodles, stirred gently while cooking, and finally added with MSG and parsley. The delicate and delicious shabu-shabu cat ears soup is ready.

Fourth, soba noodles round cake

The soba noodle cake is also called a loaf cake. The batter is prepared first. Put 500 grams of soba noodles into the bowl, and add salt, chicken essence, green onion, parsley, pepper, and 2 eggs in order. Use egg liquid to mix briefly. Then add water and stir it in one direction to make it a thin paste. Use chopsticks to stir up the batter. The batter is dripping at a constant rate and there is no buckwheat noodles sticking. Open the pancake, brush oil, use a spoon to poke some batter to draw a circle on the pancake, use a rice spatula to slowly wipe it in the center of the circle, spread out and spread evenly, and don't spread outside, so as to avoid inconvenience when cooking. Cover the pancake, and the pancakes will be ready in 5 minutes.

5. Soba dumplings

Buckwheat noodles are mixed with white flour in a ratio of 3:1, with half the amount of water and noodles. After the face is good, knead the growth bar and cut it into noodles. The noodle soup of the buckwheat noodle dumplings is larger than that of the white noodle dumplings. The speed of the buckwheat noodles is slow, and the force is lighter. Do not weigh too thin so as to avoid bagging. Broken skin when filling.

There are many kinds of fillings for buckwheat noodle dumplings. Take radish and beef as an example. Pour a big spoonful of peanut oil into the bowl, add the minced beef, add the appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper powder, green onion, coriander, and soy sauce. , salt, radish, stir evenly.

The buckwheat noodle is poor in plasticity. Do not sew too many folds for pursuing beauty when making dumplings. After wrapping, do not boil it. Steam only and steam for 15 to 20 minutes. The unique style of buckwheat noodle dumplings is ready.

Six, soba noodles

Filling production: Take eggplant pork stuffing as an example, the same practice as the above-mentioned radish beef stuffing.

In order to make the buckwheat noodles in later stages, the dough should be hardened and the ratio of buckwheat noodles to water should be controlled at 4:1. After the face is good, it is rolled into a thin and thick round cake, and the filling is chopped up to the pancake with chopsticks. The two ends of the pancake are gently lifted with both hands, and the edges of the pancake are rolled. Always keep the curling line straight. After the roll is rolled, the roll is slit with a cutter. The horizontal line of the cutter line and the roll is at an angle of 45 degrees. The tangent line is like "Eight" and the roll embryo is trapezoidal. Cut up the rolls and put them on the top of the rolls. Gently press them with chopsticks to prevent rinsing of fillings when steaming. Place the embryos in the steamer and steam for 15 minutes.

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