The Prevention and Control Techniques of Brown Spot on Strelitzia reginae

First, the main symptoms: occur on the leaves. The spot is brownish in the early stages and there are yellow halos around it. After the expansion, the lesions were irregular, with reddish-brown edges and brown inner edges. The lesions were dark brown in color and contracted and showed black granules.

Second, the cause of the disease: a fungal disease. The pathogens survive in the cultivation matrix and on the plant's diseased body. They spread by means of watering, human operations, etc., and mostly invade and damage the leaves from the debilitating and wounded leaves. Severe onset in high temperature and high humidity conditions.

Third, control methods: (1) strengthen conservation, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, increase plant growth potential. (2) The cultivation matrix should be strictly disinfected, and the must-killed soil disinfectant fumigating matrix can be used, and the covered membrane can be used for several days. (3) In the initial stage of disease, 1000 times of bactericide pentachloronitrobenzene and 1500 times of liquid mixture of smoked alkaloids were sprayed.

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