The Problems and Solutions of Cotton Double-film Covering Double Overburden

The cotton planted on the same day, double-covered double-covered soil-cotton seedlings were unearthed first, but due to the long seedling time, the fertility process was later than the conventional cotton seedlings that emerged later, and the seedling growth was weaker.

Double-membrane-covered double-overlay cotton-mowing technique is a new technique for re-coating a narrow membrane at the hole (species row) on the regular wide-membrane membrane (both membranes are mechanically covered). Normal film on-demand uses 0.008 mm thick, 1.25 m wide mulch film, row spacing to take 66 + 10 cm machine cotton row spacing. The film on the membrane is a narrow film with a width of 0.004 mm and a width of 0.4 mm. The narrow membrane covers the rows. The amount of film per hectare on the membrane is 25.5 kg, and the growth cost is 400 yuan. Adding a layer of membrane on the normally sowed rows can avoid soil compaction after rain, and it can also increase the ground temperature, providing a favorable excavation environment for cotton seedlings.

First, there is a problem

1. Slow seedlings for a long time. On the same day sown cotton, double-covered double-covered soil-cotton seedlings were unearthed first, but because of the slow seedling growth time, the fertility process was later than that of conventional cotton seedlings that emerged later, and the seedling growth was weaker. After the emergence of the uncovered film, the temperature continued to be low for a long time, and the temperature difference between the cotton seedlings inside and outside the membrane was large, and the cotton seedlings were subjected to a long period of unpleasant stimulation.

2. The emergence rate is low. A considerable number of plots cover the double casing with double membranes in order to avoid the build-up of mud after rain and increase the seedling maintenance rate in the field. However, there is little rain in the spring, and double membranes are used to cover the double-overlay technique. The advantage is not obvious. Some seedling maintenance rates are even lower.

1 First-order cover soil is thicker. In the early stage of double-film covering, a level of casing was not adopted, and after the emergence of small membranes, the soil was artificially closed to seal the holes and the labor intensity was large. After the improvement in recent years, a first-level cover soil has been added, and a first-stage cover soil has been applied to the planting opportunity to form a double-covered double-overlay soil technique, which has reduced the labor intensity. However, in some fields, a thick layer of overburdened soil, coupled with low temperatures, causes the top soil of the cotton seedlings to be difficult, and the rot disease is growing. The double film coverage of the seedling rate is not as good as double film coverage.

2 The secondary overburden is too thick and pressed on the seed line. Because of the fear of the small membrane being blown by the wind, usually the secondary casing is thicker, so that some of the earth pressure on the seed line, and even some places all the lines were suppressed by the secondary overburden, leaving the cotton seedlings unearthed difficult. Because of the thick soil layer, combined with long-term low temperature, the emergence of poor, and mostly weak seedlings.

3 seedlings misplaced more. When the laminating film of the small membrane presses the membrane, the large membrane is pulled, causing displacement of the seed hole to form a dislocation.

4 deeper broadcast depth. Because of the deeper soil preparation, the juniper duck mouth is too long and the soil is wet during sowing.

5 The amount of water that drip out of the seedlings is too large, and all grades of the cover soil are soaked. After the film is removed, it forms a compaction.

6 film was too late. Cotton seedlings must be uncovered before they become visible, and even earlier. If the film is uncovered late, it will increase the seedling growth period, and at the same time, due to the larger temperature difference, the dead seedlings will grow.

Second, the improvement method

1. Remove the film earlier, remove the film when the seedlings are 20% to 30% of seedlings, and adjust the seedlings earlier. Or artificially first punching holes in small membranes, reducing the temperature difference between the membrane inside and outside, effectively reducing the time of seedlings.

2. Adjust the thickness of a grade of cover soil, the thickness should not exceed 1 cm.

3. Secondary earthwork should not be too thick, and at the same time, consider the growth of small film width, and open the distance between secondary earth cover and planting distance.

4. To solve the misalignment of holes, the key is to make a film. The first layer of film should be flattened at the same time, and the depth of soil preparation before sowing should be appropriate. It should not be too deep, and it can be achieved by achieving virtual reality.

5. The amount of dripping water should be appropriate and should not be too large. If the drip is too large, the ground temperature will drop. In our region, there will be more low-temperature climate in spring, and the chance of bad growth in low temperature and high humidity will increase. At the same time, the amount of water drip is too large. After the opening of the small film, the hole is easy to form a “bottle” type binding, which is not conducive to the growth of seedlings, and even the appearance of salted dead seedlings.

Third, pay attention to matters

1. For sandy soils and loam soils with better soil quality, double-membrane-overlaying techniques can be used to reduce costs.

2. In the middle and late sowing fields, if the weather forecast does not have a large precipitation process, no double-film covering is performed.

The double membrane covering the double-overlay membrane technique is a better way to solve the problem of salted soil emergence, but if used improperly, it will increase the cost.

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