Cucumber cultivation in winter

First, rational and sparse planting. In winter, the temperature is low and the light is weak. Photosynthesis of crops is poor, and reasonable and sparse planting can produce high yields. Plants too dense will win due to the glory, the sinking rate will decline. Poor ventilation is easy to infect a variety of diseases, and the leaves are difficult to fight drugs. Once the disease spreads, it is difficult to completely cure.

Second, ditch planting or ridge planting. The ditch plant is to dig the ditch on the flat ground and plant the seedlings on both sides of the ditch. Generally, the ditch depth is 30-35 cm. The ridge is planted in ridges and planted on both sides of the ridge, usually 20-25 cm high. In ridge or ditch planting, the smooth surface is large, which is conducive to the improvement of the ground temperature; the rhizosphere soil is good in air permeability, which is conducive to rooting, and can greatly enhance the plant's resistance to disease and stress, and the ability to continuously produce guarana; it is easy to control the fertilizer and water, so as to avoid water Injured roots, fat burning roots.

Third, when planting points to prevent pesticides. In view of the serious soil-borne diseases, especially the severe root rot disease of grafted cucumber, many vegetable farmers have adopted the method of rooting after transplanting and controlling disease. Although this law has a certain effect, it is time-consuming and has short efficacy. Therefore, it can be changed to prevent disease by applying acupuncture at the time of colonization.

Fourth, sunny planting. Cloudy planting, weak light in the shed, high humidity, is not conducive to rooting; sunny planting, although the seedlings are easy to wilt after planting, but conducive to rooting, slow seedlings. In addition, the seedlings should be transplanted to the planting ditch or ridge by large, medium, and small grading. Judging from the entire shed, the big seedlings should be placed at the east and the west and at the front of the shed. The saplings should be placed in the middle of the shed. Judging from one line, the big seedlings are in front, the seedlings are in the back, and the general seedlings are in the middle, which is conducive to the growth of the plants in the later period.

Fifth, scientific fertilization. The high yield of cucumber can not be separated from fertilization, but the more the fertilizer is applied, the higher the yield. The key is to apply what fat, how to apply. The amount of fertilizer can not only be determined by the number of kilograms, but also depends on the composition and content of fertilizer. Fertilizer is not in quantity, but it is sufficient to meet the road. To apply science to fertilization, blind fertilization should not be based solely on perceptual experience. Only in accordance with the characteristics of cucumber fertilizer and the specific conditions of fertilizer supply in each shed, scientific and rational selection of high-quality fertilizer, balanced and comprehensive fertilization can achieve high quality and high yield of cucumber.

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