The highlights of field management of open field vegetables in June

There are many varieties of melons cultivated in the open season this month. Most of the varieties are harvested and the period of vegetative growth is high. We must strengthen fertilizer and water management to reduce the impact of high-temperature drought and dry hot wind.

The rainy weather of this month is not conducive to the growth and development of the vegetables and vegetables of the open field, and it is prone to cause premature senescence. The pests and diseases are seriously endangered. Therefore, we must focus on the technical requirements for the cultivation of different varieties of vegetables, and conduct fine management and cultivation, which is the key to obtaining high quality, high yield and high efficiency.

For fruit and vegetable varieties that have already entered the harvesting period, they can do the following work: top-dressing once every 7-10 days, timely watering during drought, and timely draining water after rain; doing good pruning and binding, removing old leaves and diseases Ye; Do a good job of pest control; timely harvest and so on. For melon and fruit vegetables, water is poured 2 to 3 days according to the weather and crop condition, and 15 to 20 kg/mu of compound fertilizer is applied with water.

In combination with pest control, foliar spray application of calcium amino acid foliar fertilizer “Mixer” or humic acid plus trace elements such as “Nonghui” foliar fertilizer and other foliar fertilizers to meet the normal growth of crops.

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