Spirulina side effects detailed

Many of my friends would like to know if Spirulina has side effects. According to my own experience, I will explain the side effects of Spirulina to everyone. According to different people's physique, some people may feel diarrhea after eating spirulina, and some people may have a little dizzy reaction. In fact, these are normal. These side effects of Spirulina are in fact the normal reaction of Spirulina, which is the debugging response of Spirulina in the body, also known as the improvement response. The factors are summarized below.

Spirulina side effects analysis Spirulina side effects formation reasons

1. Spirulina has a powerful detoxification function on the body. After consumption, toxins, old waste or foreign substances generated in the body are excreted by excrement or skin. Therefore, the amount of urine will increase, the stool will become watery, and there will be detoxification from the skin, etc., due to the amount of metabolic waste that is hidden inside the human body. Different.

2. Spirulina on the repair of human organs.

Spirulina restores the functions of organs that have been resting or have deteriorated in the past (for example, when the intestine begins to move and peels and contracts, it causes abdominal pain); the pain that occurs when Spirulina moves toxins in the body (such as rheumatism, eczema, etc.) The momentary increase).

After the side effects of Spirulina

The time usually takes about 3-7 days to respond, but it varies depending on the amount of personal use, lifestyle, age, illness, physical condition, and health status.

People with poor physical conditions sometimes do not all have a good reaction, but gradually develop in different parts. This is also evidence that the physical condition is quite poor. For example, Spirulina was eaten to improve headaches. As a result, headaches were the first concern. Abdominal pain occurred soon, indicating that there were latent problems in the intestines.

Side effects of Spirulina

Mild reaction

There are features such as dizziness, tiredness, shoulder stiffness, diarrhea (soft stools several times a day, no abdominal pain), and fart (dozens of times a day).

2. Severe reaction

There are headaches, swelling, dizziness, fever, eczema, joint pain, a temporary rise in blood pressure, breathlessness, vomiting, loss of appetite and so on.

3. The reactions of different physique are as follows

Acidic persons: drowsiness (in the daytime), dry throat, frequent urination, and fart.

Blood lighter: varies from body to body, but with slight nosebleeds (mostly women)

People with liver discomfort: Want vomiting, sometimes vomiting, itchy skin or rash.

Kidney disease: There is a temporary reduction in protein, and the face will have edema.

Those with poor stomach: The chest is boring and it is difficult to swallow food.

Gastric ulcer: The bad part will hurt.

Gastric drooping person: The stomach always feels unwell and wants to vomit.

Intestine poor: There are symptoms of diarrhea, but depending on the condition.

High blood pressure: dizziness symptoms last for one to two weeks.

Cirrhosis: sometimes there will be bloody stools.

Hemorrhoids: sometimes there will be a moment of bleeding.
How to treat the side effects of Spirulina

When you have taken the above situation after taking Spirulina, do not give up because of a momentary discomfort. Please be patient with your reaction. When the reaction disappears, your body will become more relaxed and your past symptoms will disappear. This is like pouring rust inhibitors into rusted iron pipes. For a moment, a lot of dirty rust will flow out and it will become clean later. According to the survey, at least 200 grams of Spirulina need to be taken, and the effect can reach more than 90%. As long as you have confidence, you will be able to show magical effects.

If the effect is not significant, check the following points:

1. When spirulina is eaten, does it have intermittent conditions, or is it enough to eat? (Different from the individual's constitution and the environment, the dosage varies from person to person. We recommend taking about 5 grams daily for daily health care and about 10 grams for daily rehabilitation). 2. The daily diet is uncoordinated (too much acidic food, smoke, alcohol, mental stress or irritation).

3. Lack of proper exercise.

Tips According to your own circumstances, including diet, physical condition, etc., treat all kinds of problems in your body properly. If you have serious problems, you must go to the doctor and do a check to ensure safety.
Spirulina is suitable for long-term use. Generally, it will have better results if it is adhered to for more than one month.
If you have other questions about Spirulina, you can click on the URL in the reference to learn more about it.

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