Menopausal obesity or promote the development and deterioration of breast cancer in women

Release date: 2012-12-11

Recently, a study published in the international magazine Cancer Research pointed out that obese women can eliminate the risk of increased postmenopausal breast cancer by inhibiting weight gain and controlling their obesity metabolism before and after menopause.
Postmenopausal obese women have an increased risk of breast cancer compared with postmenopausal slim women, and their clinical outcomes are poor. The specific reasons are not clear. During menopause, women often become obese because they consume too much food. In a previous study, the researcher Maclean and colleagues used a mouse model to reveal that weight gain in female mice after ovariectomy can promote obesity. The development of mouse breast cancer. In this study, the researchers said that obesity and excessive food intake after ovariectomy can induce tumor growth and deterioration in mice.
One of the reasons is that obese mice are not able to properly handle the excess energy of their body, which exists in the form of glucose and fat and can accumulate in the body. A leaner mouse stores this excess energy in the liver, muscles, and healthy breast tissue, while the healthy tissue of obese mice does not increase excess fat and glucose uptake, but breast tumor tissue can increase glucose. Ingestion.
The second reason is that obese mice can enhance the growth and deterioration of tumor tissues. Tumors of obese mice can express high levels of progesterone receptors, high expression of progesterone receptor (PR) and energy consumption and proliferation. Related. A sharp increase in the expression of energy expenditure and cell growth-related genes was observed in PR-positive breast tumor tissues of postmenopausal women.
The researchers said that during the menopausal transition period, obesity and excessive food intake can significantly promote tumor growth and deterioration, and the anti-obesity drug metformin may reduce the tumor burden of obese mice after ovariectomy. If the study in mice finds that it is equally applicable to humans, then we can eliminate or reduce the risk of increased postmenopausal breast cancer by inhibiting weight gain in postmenopausal women and controlling their obesity metabolism.

Source: Bio Valley

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