Strengthen Winter Field Management of Wheat

In the past few days, in the 600,000 hectares of small wheat fields in Suiyang County, under the guidance of agricultural technicians, the peasant masses have conducted seedling reseeding and fertilization for the safe wintering of this year's autumn sow, laying a solid foundation for seizing the bumper wheat harvest in the coming year.

The sowing of wheat in Youyang County this year has delayed the maturation of rice this year, and the sowing date of wheat has been delayed by nearly one month compared with previous years. Since the autumn sowing of wheat is due to the use of live rice fields, the seedling condition is not as good as in previous years, and the wheat seedlings are thin and weak, and there are shortages and cuts. Ridge phenomenon. In view of this situation, the county agricultural technology promotion center organized professional and technical personnel to check the situation of the seedlings, see the public opinion, and guide the farmers in the county to take three measures to strengthen the current field management of winter wheat.

One is to check seedlings and replant seedlings. As a result of missed seed, lack of earthworms, underground pests and other reasons, resulting in lack of seedlings broken ridge, guide farmers to timely seedling reseeding, to ensure seedling seedlings uniform. The second is to eliminate seedling pests and diseases. For some wheat fields, weeds, underground pests, and leaf rust were found to guide farmers in scientific drug control. The third is to grasp the public opinion and top-dressing as appropriate. In view of the recent weather and rainfall, the lyrics are suitable. The agro-technical center has lost no time in directing the peasants to seize the appropriate time. The urea of ​​5 kg is applied per acre to the deficiencies of the basic seedlings or the early sowing of the defertilized rice seedlings or wheat fields that are not fertilized with basic fertilizer. Kg, prompting the early return of wheat to green, consolidate tiller before winter, increase tiller rate, and use winter fertilizer. It laid a solid foundation for the county to seize the bumper crops in the coming year.

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