Strawberry Safety Overnight Measures

Strawberry likes cool, not resistant to high temperature and drought, the main management measures over the summer are: irrigation moisture, shade cooling. Strawberry roots are shallow, drought resistance is weak, and the leaf area is larger, evaporation is more prosperous, if not watering to keep the soil moist, it is easy to cause stems and leaves wither and die. Therefore, when the local surface cracks white cracks, it should be furrowed during the night. Unconditionally irrigated plots should be splashed with water every morning and evening to keep the soil moist and reduce the surface temperature. It is best to put a shed of about 1 meter high on the raft. Cover some grass, you can also plant some high-stem crops in the side, such as corn, but not too dense, so as to avoid poor ventilation and insufficient light, affecting the normal growth of strawberries. Direct pressure vines. During summer and autumn after fruit harvesting, the stolons will produce 3-5 seedlings. If no new seedlings are propagated, they should be promptly removed to avoid consuming the nutrient of the mother plants and reduce the strawberry production in the following year. The strawberry nursery for breeding seedlings, In order to make every seedling grow into a strong seedling, it is necessary to straighten the stem orientation in a timely manner during the emergence of the seedlings, with a slight pressure on the soil to promote new roots. Cultivating earth. The new root part of strawberry has the characteristics of growing up year by year. Therefore, the new strain should pay attention to the basic soil after one year of growth, and it should be conducted in time from the time of fruit picking to the occurrence of new roots. The thickness of soil is suitable for exposing seedlings, and cultivator can be combined with topdressing and earthing to remove weeds. Prevent pests. At this time, the main pest is fleas, which can be used 800 times the enemy liquid or 1000 times dichlorvos liquid pouring root. Adult cockchafers of the cockroach often lay eggs on unfatty fat heaps, and the use of fully cooked organic fertilizers can reduce the damage.

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