Preparing Freshwater Whitefish Before Transportation

Preparing for transport The transport personnel must have a high degree of responsibility and must be very careful about the preparatory work before transport. This is the fundamental guarantee for successful transport. It is advisable for transport personnel to have previously transported fingerlings in order to deal with emergencies in transit. The specific preparation work mainly includes the following items:
1, the development of transport plans to develop a careful transportation plan before transport. According to the weather conditions at the time of transportation, the size, quantity and transport time of the fish species, the transportation method shall be determined, the transportation vehicles shall be arranged, and the vehicles shall be inspected and maintained in advance so as to prevent the anchorage of the transportation far away and affect the transportation of the fish species.
2. Prepare transport equipment. All transport containers and tools and equipment must be prepared in advance and tested and tested. If damage or deficiencies are found, repairs and additions should be made in time, and a certain number of spare tools should be prepared.
3. Ready to add water along the way The water source and the water quality of the transportation route must be investigated and understood so that the place for changing the water and replenishing the water can be arranged according to the needs, the source of water and the quality of the water.
4. Staffing Organizations are well organized, clear division of labor, and mutual cooperation, so that "people and other fish to fish, ponds and other fish release, the fish to the release."
5, do a good job of fish training in long-distance transport of summer flowers, fish species, should be net exercise, in order to reduce its excrement, enhance resistance to transport capacity.

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