Key Techniques for Prevention and Control of Mosquitoes in Second Rice

Seriously grasp the following prevention and control technologies, reduce the harm of rice blast mosquitoes in the second year of the year, and achieved the expected control effect.
First, adjust the planting structure (1) Change the single-season planting to double-season planting, change the planting planting into a contiguous planting, and reduce the length of the second-day insect-infested bridge field. (2) Promotion of early and mid-maturing varieties for the second night. The last two nights were planted mainly by late-maturing varieties, which accounted for more than 60% of the total area of ​​the town's two nights. The suitable sowing date for late-maturing varieties is June 15-20. The seedlings will enter the tillering period from late June to early July, and this happens to be the occurrence period of 3-4 generations of rice gall midge. If the rainfall is abundant, it will be transferred to the hazard of the Putian in the second night. This will provide sufficient insect source base for the occurrence of the second night. In 2000, the early and mid-maturing varieties, including Xieyou 432 and Xieyou 64, were widely promoted on the second night in my hometown. The sowing date was delayed by 15 days compared with Xieyou 46 in 1999. Most of the seeds were planted from June 28 to July 5, effectively controlling the transfer of rice gall midge 3-4 to Putian.
Second, large-scale promotion of dryland weeding rice blast mosquitoes in addition to harming rice, but also endanger grasses and other weeds: such as swimming grass, imperata and wild grass, in order to effectively control the second insect source must be in 6-7 In the month, 1-2 times of 40% of Roundup's 1500-times liquid was widely promoted to dryland weeding, killing the side of the Tianqu Canal, the side of the road grass and wild grass, to reduce the intermediate host.
Third, do a good job in Putian pharmaceutical control From a few years of prevention and treatment practices, the second night of rice aphid mosquito pest control is the key, especially the second late late-maturing varieties do a good job of prevention and control of Putian is particularly important. The use of Miller or Yishufeng 1kg or Carbofuran 2kg per acre and the weaning fertilizer at the same time to raise the rice seedlings, can effectively control the second-time cropland hazards, reduce the base number of two-night insects.
Fourth, early grasp of Datian pharmaceutical control requirements within two weeks after the second plug, we should seriously grasp the Honda chemical prevention and treatment, use 1 ml per mu Muller combined with two nights of top dressing at the same time.

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