Cucumber summer and autumn

Ningfeng No. 4, Jinza No. 2, Jinlv No. 4, Jinchun No. 5, Jinyou No. 40 and other heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and disease-resistant varieties were selected for use in summer and autumn.

Site preparation Planting of plots with high topography, convenient drainage and irrigation, fertile soil, and no melons before planting was conducted from mid-June to late July. 5 days before sowing, 2,000 kg per acre of cooked manure, compound fertilizer (NPK content greater than 30%) 50 kg. After fertilization, the soil shall be sorghum, with a width of 2 meters and a ditch depth of 40 cm or more. The rows are sown with a large row spacing of 70 centimeters, a small row spacing of 50 centimeters, a hole spacing of 25 centimeters, 3 to 4 seeds per hole, and 4000 plants per acre. Cover the soil after sowing, shade the net and prevent rainstorm.

Seedling management after the removal of shade nets. 1 leaf 1 heart time seedlings, leaving two seedlings per hole, 3 leaf 1 heart when the Dingmiao, leaving 1 per hole. 1 leaf 1 heart, 2 leaves 1 heart, 3 leaves and 1 heart were applied diluted fecal water to raise seedlings, 4 leaves and 1 heart when applying a little thick manure, fertilized after the scaffolding vines. 4 leaves 1 heart after the appropriate water control fertilizer.

After the result of the management results, fertilization and watering should be performed. Generally applied topdressing 5 to 6 times, each time pouring a little 4,000 tons of manure per acre or spreading 5 kg of urea, watering after fertilization. Side vines all remain.

The main pest control diseases include wilt disease, epidemic disease and downy mildew. Fusarium wilt can be sprayed with 70% dexamethasone 800 times or 20% rickettsia 800 times. The control of downy mildew can be sprayed with 58% of Mycotoxin 600 times, 72% of Kelu 750 times, and 70% Thiophanate 800 times. The control of the disease can be 58% of Mycoplasma mildew 600 times, 75% of chlorothalonil 600 times spray, or 70% of the enemy to irrigate the root 1000 times. Pests are mainly cucumbers and melons. Huang Shougua can be used to control the 1000-fold dilution of dipterex or dimethoate for 1000 times. The control can be used to spray 50% of Cucuron 800 times, 50% of Pinus palustris 1000 times, and Bacillus thuringiensis.

When the ripe cucumbers are harvested at a proper time, they are harvested before 8 o'clock in the morning. The harvest is harvested every other day.

The greenhouse a filled with equipment like hydroponic, irrigation, auxiliary lighting ,temperature and humidity control and also may be automatically controlled by a computer to maximize potential growth.
Hydroponics can be used to make the most use of the interior space. The relatively closed environment of a greenhouse has its own unique management requirements, compared with outdoor production. Pests and diseases, and extremes of heat and humidity, have to be controlled, and irrigation is necessary to provide water. Most greenhouses use sprinklers or drip lines. Significant inputs of heat and light may be required, particularly with winter production of warm-weather vegetables. 

Auxiliary Facilities

Greenhouse Ventilation Fan,Greenhouse Fogging System,Greenhouse Movable Irrigation