Spicy rabbit dried meat processing technology

Rabbit nutrition is rich in nutrients, according to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: rabbit meat cold sweet, Buzhongyiqi, quench your thirst, spleen, cooling blood antipyretic, benefit large intestine. Modern science and technology analysis shows that rabbit meat has high protein content and high lysine content in rabbit meat. Lysine is one of the 8 essential amino acids in the human body. Lysine is low in other foods. Rabbit fat content is much lower than pork, beef, but rabbit fat contains more lecithin, long-term consumption has lower blood pressure, maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function, is a high-quality fat. In addition, rabbit meat also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, of which calcium content is 2-3 times that of pork, beef, and mutton. In short, rabbit meat is an ideal source of animal protein. China is a big country of rabbit meat production. Rabbit meat production occupies an important share in animal products. Whether it is in the south or in the north, as long as the waters are plentiful, there are conditions for the development of rabbit breeding. It is of great significance to vigorously develop the rabbit raising industry to promote the people's health and increase their income. First, raw materials and process 1, spicy rabbit dried meat raw materials. Rabbit meat, salt, liquor, sesame oil, sugar, soy sauce, chili noodles, pepper noodles, allspice, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil, onion ginger, fennel 2, processing equipment. Cooking pot, fryer, scale 3, process flow. Rabbits → Slaughter → Pretreatment → Primary Cooking → Reconstitution → Mixing → Dehydration → Inspection Packaging 2. Operation Points Slaughter: There are no special requirements for raw rabbits from processed rabbit meat. Rabbits belong to herbivores and male rabbits have a unique odor. Therefore, adult castrated male rabbits are often used. Raw material rabbits must be healthy and free of disease. Commercial rabbits purchased from the market must be first bred and determined to be healthy before being slaughtered. Raw rabbits should stop feeding for 8 hours before slaughter, allow them to rest and relax, and fully supply drinking water. Excessive tension and fatigue can easily result in incomplete bloodletting at the time of slaughter, and residual blood in the carcass affects the meat quality. Full supply of drinking water facilitates stripping operations. The slaughter of the family can use clubbing, bloodletting and so on. The former is to raise the rabbit's ears, hit the back of the rabbit with a stick, causing it to bleed after coma, but the law is not complete bleeding; the latter is to hang up the rabbit, with a sharp knife cut off the arterial vessels of the neck, release In vivo blood, this method is completely bleeding and the quality of rabbit meat obtained is good, this method has been widely used. 2. Pre-treatment: After slaughtered rabbits, they were decapitated while peeling. The resulting rabbit carcasses were rinsed with clean water, and the remaining blood stains and rabbit fur and other impurities were washed. Carcasses should be deboned before processing to remove fascia, tendons, lymph and other parts that are not suitable for processing and affect product quality. Cut into pieces of about 0.5 kg. Eviscerate should pay attention to the integrity of the rabbit as far as possible, while removing cartilage completely, try to avoid broken bone slag. 3, the initial cooking: the meat is cleaned and placed in a pot, the principle of the amount of water just over the meat block. The purpose of the cooking is to remove the rabbit meat smell. The boiled water is generally boiled without adding any auxiliary materials. In order to achieve better results, 1-2% fresh ginger can be added, and adding a small amount of beer can also achieve better results. During the cooking process, the floating foam on the surface of the broth must be promptly removed. The first cooking time depends on the tenderness of the raw rabbits. The cooking time of the old rabbits should be prolonged properly, and the young rabbits should be appropriately shortened, usually about 1 hour. When the meat cuts no blood, the meat hardens. 4. Re-boil: Drain the meat after cooking the pan and cut it according to different requirements. Cut and dice. The meat strips must have the same shape, similar size, uniform thickness and thickness, and should not be too thick or too thick so as to avoid the phenomenon of clipping in subsequent operations. Usually, meat pieces are cut into pieces 2.5 cm wide, 2.0 cm wide, and 0.4 cm thick. The remaining soup was filtered with gauze, and 1/3 broth was added to the pot. Add fennel, onion, ginger, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vegetable oil and other seasonings to the broth. The fennel is wrapped in gauze and tightly bound. Add the boiled meat and cook it for 0.5 hour over high heat and slowly boil over low heat. During the cooking process, care should be taken to avoid stirring the cooker. When the broth in the pot is reduced, the additive boiled the broth, and the reconstitution time is generally 1-2 hours. 5. Mixing: After re-cooking, the meat pieces are drained and the pork pieces are mixed with pepper noodles, pepper noodles, allspice powder, monosodium glutamate, and a small amount of white wine, and the mixture is mixed and marinated. Pickling time is generally appropriate for a quarter of an hour. 6, dehydration: Dehydration can be baked or fried method. Baking and frying are all for shaping and enhancing the flavor of rabbit dried meat. Baking can use oven. Baking temperature should be low, pre-baking control at 60-70 °C, for about two hours; late temperature at 50 °C, time is three hours, the length of baking time depends on the specific conditions, baking process Be careful to flip frequently. The method of frying can make the texture of the product crisp and can improve the color and flavor. Peanut oil is usually selected as frying oil, the oil temperature is maintained at 160°C, and the frying time is generally 3 minutes. The golden color of the meat pieces can be panned. When frying, be careful not to add too much meat at a time so as not to drop the oil temperature. Too little will make it easier to fry. 7. Inspection and packaging: After the meat pieces are fried, place them in the drain screen to drain the fried oil. After the meat pieces are cold, add the appropriate amount of MSG and sesame oil, and mix them evenly. Rabbit dried meat is a meat product that has a short preservation period and is consumed immediately. The packaging usually uses common compound bags and can also be vacuum-packed so that the shelf life is significantly longer. Use vacuum bag packaging shelf life of up to several months. 8, spicy rabbit dried meat recipe: 2000 grams of rabbit meat, salt 40 grams, 10 grams of white wine, pepper noodles 50 grams, 10 grams of pepper noodles, allspice 4 grams, 4 grams of monosodium glutamate, sugar 40 grams, amount of vegetable oil, soy sauce 90 Grams, sesame oil 20 grams, fennel 6 grams, onion ginger amount.

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