Prevention and treatment of fruit and vegetable pests in summer and autumn

Garlic, tomato leaves and spider mites kill spiders with garlic (mashed into mud) 2 copies, 1 piece of water mix evenly, and take the filtrate. Or use fresh tomato leaves (mashed into pulp) and add 2 times of fresh water and soak for 5 hours and then take the filtrate to spray fruit trees, flowers or vegetables, which will effectively kill red spiders. Garlic skillfully treats fruit rot. Spreads a plastic cloth under fruit trees and flowers and trees with rot disease spots. Then scrapes the healthy bark around the 0.5 cm wide necrotic tissue, deepens it to the xylem, and then changes the color of the xylem. Scrape clean, scrape off the diseased skin tissue and wood chips with a plastic sheet, collect it, or bury or burn it. When scraping the skin, cut the skin of the disease into a smooth slope of about 60 degrees, and then evenly apply garlic mucus. Rub it once in 7 days. The use of this law to treat fruit trees, flowers and trees rot disease, the effect is satisfactory. Sweet and sour vinegar, rotten fruit trapping beetle selected rotten sour fig, rotten watermelon, etc., and sweet and sour liquid (brown sugar, vinegar, water ratio 1:3:16), together into the pottery bowl, supporting spread in the orchard or vegetable garden In the middle, you can collect the beetles in each 2-3 days. The plywood paint is used to gather and catch micro-pests. The yellow paint is applied on both sides of the larger plywood. After drying, it is coated with a layer of engine oil and butter mixture oil. It is distributed and hung in orchards or vegetable gardens. Locusts, whiteflies, Liriomyza sativae and other pests It will vote for itself. One week after the replacement paint brushing, mixing better. After the trunk was riddled with straw, around the month of September, the leafminers, leaf-worms, spiders, and whitefly pests gradually looked for wintering sites on the trunk or under the trees. At this time, they tied a straw handle to the trunk. Pests will drill into the grass for winter. Before the temperature rose in the second year of spring, the solution of the grass was burnt down, which could reduce the number of pest wintering bases and had a multiplier effect. Spray worm cadaver to insect pests to manually capture pests 50-60 only into the pottery smashed into a slurry, add a little water for 45-50 hours under sunlight, until smell rancid odor, use gauze filter to take the filtrate, Per 100 grams of filtrate (insect cadaver) add 40 kilograms of water and spray it on fruit trees or vegetables during sunny days. After pests smell the odors of similar bodies, they will refuse to eat and starve to death. It is economical and effective to use camphor wood to control insects, stems, insects, and insect pests. The method is: cut the camphor brain into Soybean-sized pieces, find out the wood slag of the larvae chewed by the larvae of the dried fruit pests or the net feces or wood residue of the newly released feces, and insert 3-5 capsules of camphor into the holes. Fragmented and then sealed with yellow mud, the insecticidal effect can reach more than 85%. Check once every 7-10 days. If there is new excrement and wood waste, perform it again according to the above method. The poisonous sign can be used to prevent and cure dry insect pests of various fruit trees. The method is simple and easy, and the insect mouth is faster and faster. It does not affect the growth of fruit trees, and it is also conducive to the recovery of insects. Fruit trees will not produce phytotoxicity. 1, the production of poisonous sign: first bamboo section cut 4-5 centimeters of bamboo cutting, cut open and cut into - tip - end flat, diameter 2-4 mm small bamboo sticks. Then, 192 g of peach gum and 120 g of zinc phosphide were added to a suitable amount of water to form a sol. Then the tip of the bamboo stick is inserted into the sol to a depth of 1 cm, and then it is taken out and inserted into a sand pan to air dry. After the mixture is dried, the solution of oxalic acid and peach are mixed and mixed (preparation: 2 parts of oxalic acid and 1 part of peach gum). Add appropriate amount of water into a thin paste), the same depth as the first time, remove it and insert it into the sand tray. 2, the use of poisonous signs: When the dry pests in the larvae during the larvae to eat the xylem of fruit trees or flowers, and accompanied by worms excreted from the hole, according to the size of wormholes, select the different thickness of the poison, will Its tip is inserted into the wormhole from the wormhole, and parts of the poison that cannot be inserted can be broken. Finally, the wormhole can be blocked with wet mud or tape. When the zinc phosphide and oxalic acid attached to the top of the poisonous tag encounters water, it will produce highly toxic phosphine gas and slowly spreads in the wormhole, thus poisoning the insects in the insect tract.

Each part of Goji Berry is treasured, which can inhibit tumor growth and improves disease resistance, regulate immune system and blood fat, help normalize blood pressure and balance blood sugar. Elements that facilitate these benefits, within the dried goji berries, include barbarum, polysaccharides, carotenoids,  and amino acids.

Function of Goji berry:

1) Inhibit tumor growth and improve disease resistance;

2) Powerful anti-oxidant which extends life, and improves the memory; 

3) Neutralize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation;

4) Normalize blood pressure & balance blood sugar

5) Lower cholesterol, lose weight.

6) Support eye health and improve your vision. 

7) Support healthy liver function. 

8) Support normal kidney function

9) Increase calcium absorption

Nutrition Facts of dried goji:

1) Contain 18 amino acids. 
2) Contain 21 trace minerals. 
3) Contain more protein than whole wheat. 
4) Contain B-complex vitamins.

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