The rich forage in the spring and summer seasons is a good opportunity for the sheep to grazing. However, the hot weather in summer can easily cause heatstroke in sheep or cause other diseases. Therefore, farmers need to adjust measures to local conditions, scientifically stocking, to achieve the
Computer radiation mainly refers to electromagnetic radiation, which directly affects the disruption of the human endocrine system, leading to irregular skin metabolism. In addition to the magnetic nature of the computer, it will accumulate some dust and dirty air, affect the quality of the skin,
Breast cancer is the highest incidence among female tumors and has exceeded the incidence of cervical cancer. Surveys show that 40,000 people die of breast cancer each year in our country and become the “first killer” of urban women. So just in case, the following "breast face&quo
"The incidence of breast cancer in men is very low and is a rare case. However, from the outpatient status in recent years, men's breast development is increasing year by year." At the eighth "Pink Ribbon" club event held at China-Japan Friendship Hospital Professor Jia Liq
Ume is the early germinating and deciduous variety of fruit plum, and the summer and autumn are important growing seasons, and it is also the key period for realizing the early and high yield of green plum. First, fertilization and intercropping The summer and autumn seasons, apply 1 to 2 times a
Tea high-frequency drying technology has the characteristics of fast heating, stable temperature, high-frequency medium heating and penetration of the entire material. High-frequency dried tea leaves are not inferior to tea dried in terms of moisture, tea polyphenols, amino acids, and chlorophyll
1. Control growth rate. Mother ducks have a strong ability to deposit fats and have good nutritional conditions, resulting in excessive deposition of fat in the ovary, affecting egg production and eggshell quality. By restricting rearing, mother ducks can be prevented from overfeeding and overweig
Nandan Yaoji is native to the Yao villages with an elevation of 800 to 1000 meters in Lihu and Bagua, two ethnic townships in Nandan County, Guangxi. This species was originally a pheasant population and was produced in deep forests and old forests. The local chicken breeds formed after local Baik