1. Peeling the shell: There are two methods for stripping the shell of the chestnut, that is, raw stripping and hot stripping. The method of raw stripping is to remove a small piece of chestnut skin with a stainless steel knife on the top of the chestnut, and it is advisable to cut the chestnut wi
The pore size of the screening machine used in the pharmaceutical industry is made with reference to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Common screening machines are circular vibrating sieving machines and electromagnetic vibrating sieving machines. Let's take a look at the two common screening machines
Cultivation facilities and time Most of winter cultivation is in the cold winter season. Therefore, the cultivation facility must be a solar greenhouse with good insulation properties. The sowing and seeding period for eggplant cultivation in winter is from the end of August to the middle of Sept
In autumn and winter, when tomato nursery is in the period of high temperature and more rain, it is the key to the success of this tomato planting cultivation of non-toxic strong seedlings. During the sowing period, the tomato can be sown at the end of July and the beginning of August according to
With the increasing abundance of social materials, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and people’s consumption concepts and consumer behavior have also undergone great changes. With environmental pollution becoming increasingly serious, and additives,