Characteristics of ostriches 1. Wide adaptability and strong disease resistance: Can survive in harsh environments from 45oC to minus 30oC, and can be cultured in both north and south. Low feeding costs: mainly grass and food, low cost of feeding. Second, high reproductive capacity: an adult fema
(1) Artificial seedlings are best reared and fed for artificial seedlings with an optimal salinity of 32 to 35, a temperature of 19 to 24°C, a dissolved oxygen of 0.0005%, and a stocking density of 50 to 250 tails/liter. Slightly larger aquaculture waters can increase survival rate at a small d
Australian gems, or gems, are Australia's prestigious freshwater fishes. China has introduced aquaculture in recent years. The gemstone has beautiful appearance, mild temperament, strong disease resistance, rapid growth and delicious taste. At present, the market price of commercial fish is 80-
Doing a good job of managing the bud before harvesting the nursery can increase the survival rate and seedling quality of the grafted seedlings. Check the survival: Generally, it takes 20 days to 30 days for the branches to see whether they survive or not. If the buds are moist and shiny, the pet
The microbiological indicators of boiled crab meat must comply with FDA standards: E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus in 10 samples must not be detected, and there are fewer than 30 E. coli per 100 grams, and the total number of bacteria per gram is less than 100,000. 1. Process flow Acceptan
Astragalus also known as carp, long fish. In terms of taxonomy, it belongs to the joint eye and the joint eye. Astragalus is a freshwater economic fish with delicate meat and rich nutrition. It is also a valuable aquatic product with high food value and certain medicinal value. According to analysi