There are many methods for flower rooting Root is a very important part of the flower, it is directly related to the growth of flowers, in order to promote difficult roots of osmanthus, magnolia, plum, jellyfish, camellia and other flowers and roots, in addition to the use of ABT rooting powder,
I. Pei Shu pocket Ginkgo longevity, but improper planting management, especially the topsoil loss, will expose a large number of roots exposed to the surface. Ginkgo biloba, which grows on slopes, is particularly prominent. In severe cases, the depth of the exposed roots can reach more than 30 cm
First, choose a good species The selection of fine varieties is the prerequisite for quality and high yield of radish in summer. Therefore, when cultivating radish in midsummer and early autumn high temperature season, early maturing varieties with good heat resistance and strong resistance must
Release date: 2010-05-25 Mercury-containing thermometers are becoming more and more popular in the home. Mercury is highly toxic. Once you accidentally break the thermometer, the mercury is scattered. How to deal with it? The standard recommendations given by the experts are: sulphur, which ca
Vegetable rot, especially in the nursery period, has a lot of rot, which affects the normal growth of the seedlings. 1. Low temperature and ground temperature; 2, lack of light; 3. The humidity in the nursery bed is large; 4. The seedbed is not easy to ventilate, causing the seedlings to grow
In the growth process of pomegranate, small mottled spots begin to appear from young fruit. With the enlargement of the fruit, the area of ​​hemp skin becomes larger and larger, which seriously affects the appearance and economic benefits. 1. Orchard change of soil. The pomegranate
1, high-pressure pipe wear oil leakage. Tractor tractor high-pressure fuel pipe at both ends of the nose and the injector, the oil valve leakage at the place of wear, can be cut from the waste cylinder mat round copper, a small hole in the middle grinding, slipping between the embossed pit It can
I. Variety selection Trogamba was selected as the stock of rootstocks. The variety was highly resistant to four kinds of soil-borne diseases such as Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, Bacterial wilt, and Nematode. Plants grow strongly and their roots are well developed; scion varieties are selecte