1. Prevention of wheat midge insects Toxic soil control in flood season: In late April (early end of booting period), use 50% phoxim 250g or 200% rossus 200g, spray 2 kg of water evenly on 20-30 kg of dry fine sand, and stir well. Sprinkle on the wheat field and water it in time. Adult stage foli
Peas should be carefully selected before sowing. When the amount of seed is small, it can be used for particle selection. When the amount of seed is small, it can be used for screening or salt water selection. Attention should be paid to the elimination of insect-injured grains and incomplete grain
During the autumn harvest season, the rain is high and the corn itself has high water content, and the drying is not timely, and some of them have become moldy and deteriorating. They have not found that the maize produces a large amount of mycotoxins and feeds the corn to the pigs to cause poison
Increase the maximum utilization of organic fertilizers Organic fertilizers contain a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, and also contain various trace elements, which are the best fertilizers for crop growth. However, when organic fert
This is known as the best animal protein feed in the world because its body contains extremely rich nutritional value. It has been determined that almost all kinds of amino acids in quail are contained in the quail, and the amount is extremely high; various minerals and vitamins are also extremely
In the process of operating the tractor, the driver occasionally shifts gears, which not only produces harsh noise but also greatly aggravates gear wear and even damages the gear. When this happens, check that: 1. Whether the clutch free stroke is maintained within the specified range. 2. Is the