China is the hometown of tea. Since ancient times, both men, women and children have had the custom of drinking tea, and have formed a long history and world-renowned Chinese tea culture. Modern science has confirmed that drinking tea is good for health, and it can prevent and treat certain disea
Chrysanthemum is one of the most commonly used traditional Chinese herbal medicines in China, and it is mainly used as a flower head for medicinal purposes. According to ancient records, chrysanthemum tastes bitter, slightly cold; there are scattered wind heat, Liver eyesight and detoxification an
During the fattening period, if the temperature exceeds 27°C, the feed intake of broilers will decrease significantly. Therefore, the following measures can be taken accordingly. The first is to increase the protein content of the diet by 1% to 2%. Multivitamins increase by 30% to 50% to ensur
First, to prevent changes in water temperature The crab pool should maintain a certain level of water in order to prevent drastic changes in water temperature. In addition, the temperature difference should not exceed 3°C when filling new water to prevent cold death of crabs. Second, timely sa
Autumn diet recipes 1. Soybean meal Bitter gourd Ingredients: 200 grams of bitter gourd, 15 grams of soybean meal, 5 grams of garlic, sesame oil (oil food) 5 grams, 3 grams of salt, a little MSG. practice: 1, the bitter gourd go to wash, cut, cut into strips, into the boiling water cooked, remove
First, the symptoms The diseased leaves produce pale brown to yellow-brown lesions, mostly round, oval or irregular. A few diseases have inconspicuous ring patterns. As the disease progressed to the later stage, many small blackish punctiform moulds were produced in the center of the lesions, tha
With the advent of the autumn season, the weather gradually turned from hot to cold, and it has become a trend to turn from damp to dry. The physical activity of the human body will also change with the “summer long” period to “autumn harvest”. In this climate change season