The bulbous flower is a perennial herb, and it usually takes several years from sowing to flowering. During this period, the bulbs grow year by year, and only vegetative growth occurs. When the bulb reaches a certain size, it begins to differentiate flower buds and blossoms. There are also some bu
Corn flour can be made into noodles, dumplings, steamed bread and so on. Its production technology mainly includes: 1. Enzymatic modification Immerse high-quality corn with impurities into the pool filled with drinking water. The temperature of the water is 40-50 degrees, while adding the yeast pr
On the 2nd and 5th: It is the repair period of the combine harvester, tractor, rice transplanter, seeder and other products during the farmer's busy season during the validity period of the three guarantees of the machine: it is an easy-to-repair fault within the service outlets, and the repair
※No.1 has a significant effect on strong seedlings, flowering, and fruit preservation, and can increase photosynthetic efficiency, accelerate nutrient absorption and operation, increase chlorophyll content, enhance crop drought resistance, disease resistance, etc., all have obvious effects,
The sweetness of fruits and melons is related to varieties and fertilization. Types are internal causes and fertilization is an external cause. Since our planters have chosen a variety, they should do their best to grow them well and increase their yield and quality. The sweetness and color of frui
Shrimp shell should be a reaction of grayish crab eyes Autumn is the season when a large number of aquatic products are listed. Some unscrupulous traders tend to use deceased crabs to cheat consumers in order to make money. How can we safely and safely choose aquatic products? The reporter intervi
Inadequate burst of fuel supply During tractor operation, there is insufficient fuel supply. If the air is not removed, the plunger is replaced, or the fuel injector is not effective, the small steel ball in the ejector pin of the injector will make the fuel injection. Can not be caused by atomizat
The mystery of the mystery of the saccharomycetes capsule There are a large number of reports that the saccharomyces capsules can prevent and cure some difficult diseases. These diseases often cause great difficulties and burdens on individuals, families, and society. Therefore, they are concerned
A variety of breeding plants. The day lily mainly uses the ramets to reproduce, and the time can be after the flower buds are harvested and before the winter seedlings germinate. It can also be some time before the spring seedlings are withdrawn after the winter seedlings wither, but the former is
The symptoms are also called rice blast blight. The Yangtze River Basin has occurred in all rice areas. In the 2-3 weeks after rice heading, the young larvae were heavier. The small spots appeared at the top or side of the glumes, and gradually developed into elliptical spots with unclear edges. T