Ram male rams play a decisive role in the entire flock and should be given special attention. Should ensure adequate supply of its protein, vitamins and minerals. During the breeding period, starting from the 45 days before mating, according to the body condition of the ram and the quantity and qu
The solution soaked with onion skin not only contains a substance that kills pathogenic microorganisms in the soil, but also contains a variety of trace elements and can be used as a fertilizer for agricultural crops. 1. Indoor flower growing, such as using onion soaking solution as fertilizer, f
Symptoms can be diseased at seedling stage and adult stage. During the seedling stage, the disease appeared as a lack of water-like wilting. The cortex and vascular bundles of the diseased seedlings were brownish and watery, and the fine roots were softened and rotted. The diseased leaves of the i
Microbial fertilizers are bioactive fertilizers and therefore have specific application requirements. The first is to avoid long-term use after opening the bag. After opening the bag for a long period of time, other bacteria may invade the bag, causing the microbial flora to change and affecting i
Date: 2006-6-14 Time: 14:27:44 Formulation name: soil miscellaneous growth and finishing pigs 15-30kg Optimization model: Linear goal planning feed cost: 1496.045 (yuan/ton) Raw Material Name Raw Material Unit Price Raw Material Consumption Single Item Cost Ratio RMB/kg (kg) (yuan) (%) ---------
English name: Trochus niloticus Common name: Origin and production period of the conch: Living on the coralline rocks from the low tide to the shallow sea. Produced in Hainan Island Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, Sanya coastal, found in China's Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands, Japan, Indochina P
Date: 2006-6-14 Time: 18:44:51 Formulation name: soil miscellaneous growth and finishing pigs 60-90kg Optimization model: Linear goal planning feed cost: 1405.033 (yuan/ton) Raw material name Raw material unit price RMB/kg (kg) (yuan) (%) -------------------------------------------------- -----
Deciduous trees. The bark is rough and flakes off. Young branches purple green, old branches brown, with obvious lenticels. Leaves alternate, papery, margin undulate, long 12-15 cm, width 5-6 cm, sparsely puberulent on abaxial leaf surface; petiole 1.5-2 cm long, pubescent; flowers dioecious, umbre
Breeding pigs in fermentation beds to deodorize odor-free, cricket-like organisms is the most important reason for the absence of odors in pigs grown on fermentation beds, and plays an important role in two aspects. 1 Fermentation agent contains more than 150 million beneficial active bacteria per