1, the process of raw materials → cleaning → blanching → dyeing → slicing → salting → rinsing → sugar pickling → drying → corrosion → packaging → finished products. 2, the production point of raw materials dredged? 崭
Banana Peanut Butter is a new kind of flower sample that we have developed. Banana not only has heat, detoxification, diuretic, swelling, laxative, blood pressure and other effects, but also has a soft and delicate texture, sweet and delicious, nutrient-rich characteristics, therefore, banana powde
(I) Site selection: Choose a mudflat sandy beach with small waves and smooth flow, and a small amount of fresh water injected as a cultivation site. The tide level is suitable for the middle and low tide areas, especially the tidal wave is the best near the tide line. The beach is flat and wide, s
Sichuan pepper is native to China and is cultivated on low hills, terraces, farm fields, and gardens. Peel of prickly ash is an important condiment. The young shoots of prickly ash and the tender leaves are bright and green. They are not pure pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are pure green
Commonly known as “know”, it is one of the major pests of many fruit trees and can harm apple pears, dates, apricots, peaches, hawthorn, chestnuts, etc., due to its large size, strong flying ability, and sucking-feeding methods. Characteristics, the general prevention and control of pes
The nutritional needs of captive laying ducks are entirely dependent on the supply of full-priced commercial feed. To maintain the egg production rate and increase the egg production rate of the captive ducks, it is necessary to pay attention to calcium supplements in addition to meeting the needs
Non-hazardous bactericide--Longkees Pesticide Registration Number: LS20001368 Production Approval No.: HNP33036-D222 Quality Execution Standard: Q/WLH018-2002 National Invention Patent Number: ZL991134117 Roncobacteri is a national invention patent new product created by Zhejiang Longwan Chemic