In order to reduce the cost of agricultural machinery production and save oil, the following introduction to the farmer's small fuel-efficient coup: First, remove the scale of the cooling system and the grease and deposits from the pipes and mufflers. Second, timely and reasonable technical
Different types of human cells Human primary cells are cells taken from living human beings and cultured. These cells retain the differentiation of the original cells taken in a biopsy sample and can be used in a wide variety of types of research. Many laboratories that sell cell cultures provide h
Tenebrio also called breadworms, is a Coleoptera, intended to walk insects. Tenebrio is non-toxic and does not harm humans and animals. Formerly a warehouse pest of grain and medicinal materials warehouses, originating in the cold temperature zone of North America, was introduced into China in the
From a philosophical point of view, there is an important relationship between the whole and the parts, some of which form an integral whole, and some of the advantages and disadvantages are related to the overall good or bad. For agricultural machinery, whether the agricultural machinery parts are
Mushrooms are generally limited to spring and autumn season. In winter and summer, the market is particularly short supply of fresh mushrooms. In order to meet the annual supply of mushrooms market, improve the mushrooming environment, and improve the quality of yield, I stand to conduct cultivatio
1. Stocking quality fish species: High-quality fish species have a fast growth rate, and have a high rate of digestion and absorption of feed. In production, we must pay attention to the selection of excellent and healthy fish. In addition, in the stocking mode, it is necessary to highlight the ma
Phosphate rock, bone powder and other insoluble phosphate fertilizer can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer such as grass ash, lime ammonia, lime. Otherwise it will neutralize the organic acids in the soil, making it harder to dissolve insoluble phosphate fertilizers, and crops cannot absorb an