Phosphate rock, bone powder and other insoluble phosphate fertilizer can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer such as grass ash, lime ammonia, lime. Otherwise it will neutralize the organic acids in the soil, making it harder to dissolve insoluble phosphate fertilizers, and crops cannot absorb an
After the damage, dark brown or dark brown dots appeared on the back of the victim; some had near-circular lesions on the surface of the leaves, and there was one small tick in the center, and the leaves were dead when severe. Control methods: 1 After the flower was collected, the dry plants and
The stalk rot of flower seedlings is a disease caused by the fungus of the semi-known fungus Schizophrenia. The disease can harm a variety of plants. The annual Ginkgo biloba seedlings are most susceptible and the dead seedling rate reaches more than 80%. In addition, it also harms the seedlings of
"Xingxin" fertility factor is a kind of efficient foliar fertilizer, containing a large number of elements needed for crop growth, amino acids, and trace elements such as copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, and molybdenum. Spraying on wheat crops can make the leaves thicker, the leaf c
Soil requirements for soybeans are not strict, and the suitable pH is 6.5-7.5. It is intolerant to saline and alkaline, and high organic matter content can promote high soybean yield. Soybean root is a straight root system, root rhizobia and root "symbiotic nitrogen fixation" is an import