Rice mechanized direct seeding technology refers to a way of cultivating seedlings and grains in rice fields by direct sowing in rice fields during rice cultivation. Looking at the rice cultivation technology at home and abroad, with the development of industrialization, urbanization and market eco
Variety selection must use high-temperature, disease-resistant, high yield, high uniformity of early maturing varieties. Suitable for the preparation of summer cabbage cultivation before fertilizing the cultivated land, apply 3,000 kg of decomposed farmyard fertilizer per 667 square meters, 50-60 k
In June, the earliest period of early morning rice earing, single-season rice seedling transplanting, continuous cropping of late rice seedlings, and rainy days were also the main periods during which the migratory pests moved into our city. Therefore, we must effectively tackle the comprehensive t
1. Strictly select the broodstock to choose the natural original species, require health, good gonadal development. More than 6kg of weight carp, more than 10kg carp, more than 15kg carp, more than 8kg carp. The broodstock's annual turnover rate should reach about 10%. 2. Scientifically clear
In recent years, with the need for the production of pollution-free agricultural products, various kinds of bio-pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity, no residue and no pollution have emerged, and have been vigorously promoted and applied throughout the country. Unfortunately, the popul
Wheat straw rotary tillage When the wheat matures, harvest the wheat with a Kubota-type combine harvester at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the field, and at the same time, start the shredding machine, cut the wheat straw and evenly spread it on the field. Or use the Guilin Combine harve
Water-based granulation and high-concentration functionalization The development of “green pesticides” presents four major trends. The contribution of pesticides to humans is obvious to all. However, with the continuous deepening of scientific research and the continuous advancement of
Watermelon "death", scientific name is "wheat wilt disease", is a devastating disease of watermelon, extend the vine period to the melon period can occur, especially in the mid-stage disease is the most serious. Here is a simple and easy way to control: Each mus of urea, potass