The turtle hatched from the egg is called a hatchling. When juvenile tortoises hatch out, they usually have a body weight of 3 to 13 grams. Their bodies are young, their activities are weak, and they are not adapted to the environment. If they are not carefully cultivated, they will easily cause de
The main points of summer pig house management are hot and humid in summer, and mosquitoes and flies are raging at the same time, which will cause many adverse effects on the pig industry and cause diseases. The adverse effects of the summer on the pig industry include: 1 When the temperature of
1 Segregation, planting fresh corn should pay attention to isolation from other corn, so as not to affect the quality of string powder, the isolation zone is generally not less than 300 meters, if there are natural barriers such as woods, hills, highways, the isolation distance can be appropriatel
Jinbao biogas fast rot (instructions for use) one. Product Description Gimbab Biogas Fast Decomposition is the latest in a series of high-tech techniques developed through separation, purification and rejuvenation using a combination of international high-end microbiological engineering technolog
Why Fertilizer Fermenters Are So Adaptable? Fertilizers have been widely used nowadays. Its function is very strong and it is basically invincible. Why is it so strong? Let's take the nutritive fertilizer Fermentation agent for example. The Goldbeet Fermentation Fermentation Aid is a complex