The Spanish agrochemical and food technology research in Valencia has replaced the traditional metal can packaging with polymeric materials and won an award at an international packaging and canning exhibition in Barcelona. "This new material cuts off the way air, sunlight, moisture or other m
Pasture: Grass, grass, clover, clover, and clover grass, etc., are chopped into about 1 cm long, and then put into large pots or large cylinders and other containers, add a small amount of water in a sunny place for fermentation, generally by 7 Pigs can be fed after -8 days of fermentation. Silkwo
Orchid orchids are not good for raising the best orchids, mainly due to poor fertilization techniques. Because orchids are not fat tolerant, applying more fertilizer can cause harm to orchids and even lead to plant death. Less fertilizer applied will affect the normal growth of plants and reduce th
The bulbous flower is a perennial herb, and it usually takes several years from sowing to flowering. During this period, the bulbs grow year by year, and only vegetative growth occurs. When the bulb reaches a certain size, it begins to differentiate flower buds and blossoms. There are also some bu
Corn flour can be made into noodles, dumplings, steamed bread and so on. Its production technology mainly includes: 1. Enzymatic modification Immerse high-quality corn with impurities into the pool filled with drinking water. The temperature of the water is 40-50 degrees, while adding the yeast pr
On the 2nd and 5th: It is the repair period of the combine harvester, tractor, rice transplanter, seeder and other products during the farmer's busy season during the validity period of the three guarantees of the machine: it is an easy-to-repair fault within the service outlets, and the repair
※No.1 has a significant effect on strong seedlings, flowering, and fruit preservation, and can increase photosynthetic efficiency, accelerate nutrient absorption and operation, increase chlorophyll content, enhance crop drought resistance, disease resistance, etc., all have obvious effects,