Wine grape growing technology Wine grape is a new type of agricultural industry. It is one of the major projects for the development of the 3111 project in the Dongjiang Xiaojiang Valley hot zone, and it is also an important project for the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure in our r
First, the use of basal fertilizer on the base fertilizer at the end of autumn last year, basal fertilizer, the northern region can be in the middle and late April to apply basal fertilizer (South can be in late March). In the north, strip fertilization can be used. That is, 80 cm from the base of
Let us first talk about the nutritional value of corn. It is also known as Silicon Valley, Corncob, and Cornucopia. It is used as a staple food in some areas. Corn is a health care product in coarse grains and is very beneficial to human health. effect Vitamin B6, niacin and other components in
First, ask the category 1. Full-priced compound feed. All nutrients needed to meet the needs of livestock and poultry are made up of energy feeds, protein feeds, mineral feeds, vitamins, amino acids, and trace element additives in accordance with prescribed feeding standards. It is a good quality
Briefly describe how the labeling machine works Clicks:1147 Release time:2011/12/23 The working principle of the labeling machine The beginning of the working process is that the box feeds on the conveyor at a constant speed to the labelling machine . The mechanical fixture se
If the winter weather is cold, the lambs born at this time without careful care will affect the healthy growth of the lambs. In severe cases, they will lead to death. Therefore, the lambs born in the winter need to be strengthened and guarded. Specific attention should be paid to the following poi