In the past few days, in the 600,000 hectares of small wheat fields in Suiyang County, under the guidance of agricultural technicians, the peasant masses have conducted seedling reseeding and fertilization for the safe wintering of this year's autumn sow, laying a solid foundation for seizing
Many of my friends would like to know if Spirulina has side effects. According to my own experience, I will explain the side effects of Spirulina to everyone. According to different people's physique, some people may feel diarrhea after eating spirulina, and some people may have a little dizzy
There will be more than 200 Chinese medicines and more than 400 chemical medicines at the end of the 2012 edition of the list of basic medicines. More than 300 new varieties have been added to the 307 kinds of medicines in the 2009 edition of the base medicine list, which was held from Dec
First, rational and sparse planting. In winter, the temperature is low and the light is weak. Photosynthesis of crops is poor, and reasonable and sparse planting can produce high yields. Plants too dense will win due to the glory, the sinking rate will decline. Poor ventilation is easy to infect a