Chicken Manure Fermentation "Shaping Face" After the chicken manure is fermented, it can become fragrant feed, which is due to the use of microbial fermentation agents (such as the Gumbol starter), which can save costs, reduce medical expenses, and improve meat quality after fermentation
In order to maintain a good layer and make the layer high in yield and stable, in addition to good breeds and good feeding methods, the quality of the feed is the most critical. The rations of laying hens are generally best for satisfying the needs of the protein if they meet energy needs. In fact,
The development of watermelon fruit needs a certain period of time. Under normal circumstances, early maturing varieties require 28 to 30 days from the opening of female flowers, medium-maturing varieties require 30 to 35 days from the opening of female flowers, and late-maturing varieties require
Late-stage management of fermentation beds The management of litter management in biological fermentation houses is very important. The purpose of management is to achieve a balance between the processing capacity of pigs' excreta and litter. Pig growth, climate, and environmental changes can
Methods to increase the utilization rate of concentrate feed In recent years, livestock farming in rural areas has changed from roughage to concentrate feed (grain). Although concentrated feeds such as corn, barley, sorghum, beans, potatoes, wheat bran, and cakes have high nutritional value, they o
Black Peanut: This variety was selected from the oil materials of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It was retrieved and tested by Beijing Institute of Nutrition Sources. It is believed that this type of black peanut is the first in China and abroad and it has high protein, high arginin